Sunday, September 30, 2007


The one year anniversary celebration at 2SCD has now come to an end... WOW!!! What a month! The gallery is full of amazing inspiration!!! The winners will be announced tomorrow (Oct. 1st) Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Transparency Albums

I have had so much fun discoverin this new technique. I always knew that you could stamp on transparenies with the STAZ-ON ink but I only had white and I wanted to create something more colorful. So, I decided to just try the other ink pads that I had on hand. How fun was that!!!! I have all these fun Fancy Pants and Autumn Leaves stamps that make the coolest designs. I had a blast creating these pages. It was like designing your own paper!!
The first transparency album that I desiged last week was all about ASHLEY'S FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. It was actually just her orientation day when she met her teacher and saw her classroom with one other student. So, I made a little book out of regular transparencies so that we could remember that day and her experience. I thought instead of sharing the pictures as promised. I would just share the album I made!

Ashley really loves her new teacher, Mrs. Medici. The other student that came to orientation at the same time was a little gal off her t-ball team so she knew her a bit already. That was neat for Ashley.

They did there first worsheet when they were there. They drew a picture of themselves so the teacher would remembe who they all were when the entire class came at the same time! Then, she read the two of then the 'Kissing Hand.' Ashley was thrilled because she studied racoons in pre-K and did a report on them. So, she thought that was pretty cool! Over all, it was a very good first day... well... hour and a half!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

More gifts for Ashley!!!

Every 5 year old girl has 'stuff.' Plastic jewelry, secret notepads, fake fingernails, gum... ect. I'm feeling like Ashley's 'stuff' needs a home!!! It's just all over her dresser! So, earlier I shared a portable 'stuff keeper' that I made for her. Now I've altered a jewelry box to sit on her dresser. I picked up from Freddy's about 8 months ago. It had hidious colors so I painted it and altered it.

At CK Convention, this sweet lady gave me this shadow box to alter and told me to email a picture of it. This was also on m 'to do' list. I was quite excited. She had no idea what kind of crafter I was so I was quite honored. Then, when I was at my NEW lss in Newport that opened just this week(Tailored Made Memories,) I picked up this amazing Melissa Frances pattern paper and decided to make it a set. Can't wait to give this to my DEAR DAUGHTER!! Shhhhhh... two more weeks!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Amber Ulmer Chat

Yay!!! I'm soooo glad that we finally got our computer up and running!! So much catching up to do!! We ended up having to get a new one which is bitter/sweet I suppose.

On to the fun news that I've been wanting to share! We are so blessed to have Amber Ulmer coming to for a celebrity chat. If you know her, I'm sure you won't want to miss out. If you don't know her, she and husband Josh are as sweet as can be and are some of the most inspirational people I know!! Even if you are new to the board, come join in on the chat! You'll be glad you did! And while you're there, check out the week long crop that we've been having for our 1 year Anniversary celebration. The crop will be going into the weekend and I'll be sharing my projects soon. There are also fun games, prizes and challenges to follow. We'll be celebrating until the end of Sept. so come check it out!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

First week of school!!

What a busy week! So much has happened! Ashley got to go meet her teacher on Tuesday. She was in her classroom for one hour with one other student who she knew from t-ball. Her real first day is on Monday but I couldn't wait until then to take pictures!! So, I'm sure I'll have a bunch more to share at that time. Our computer is broken right now so I don't have access to all my photos. A.J. started back Tuesday as well. I have pictures of him too and even started to scrap them but the digi prints are in my broken computer:( Ugh! Those 'puters!

Monday, September 3, 2007

'Scrapping the Music'

Do you ever use music to inspire your scrapbook pages? I have a great site for you to visit! My friend Mary has an amazing blog called 'Srapping the Music.' It features awesome challenges and fantastic inspirations. Check it out!


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