Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday we woke up to white!! It was so fun and perfect timing because the kids didn't have school. It was a records day. Last year, we had a light covering of snow that stuck around or about 30 min. and was definitely not enough to play in. This year, Kelsey is 3 years old and we really wanted to take the kids to the snow because she still had never actually 'played' in the snow. It was so fun to wake up and actually see the snow 'fall.' Then after a bit, we drove up river. It was the most beautiful drive! It felt like were in Canada. As we got further up river, there was actually snow covering the trees and the sun coming up over the mountain, shining through them was just stunning. We drove up far enough until we found a good open spot that had deep enough snow to actually play in. We made a snow man, had a snowball fight, froze our fingers off, warmed up with some hot chocolate and then started it all over again. It was the most fun EVAH! I tried so hard to put the camera away for some of it but I also of course, had to take a ton of pictures. I wanted the family to see them all so I put them in a slide show format. Wish I had a fun crafty project to share but I've been to busy playing! LOL!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We had CHURCH!

Ya! We didn't just have church today, we had CHEEEURCH!! I'm talking about the jumpin, hoppin, scream, feelin the spirit of the Lord cheeeurch!!! It was soooo fun. I have so many things to blog about but today it's just going to be this because I couldn't wait to get home and write about it.
This morning A.J. wasn't feeling that well so I told him that after I played for the praise and worship portion, we could go home. Poor kid... didn't look so lively during the beginning part of our service and I was quite anxious to get him home (he's sleeping on the couch right now as I type and it's late afternoon so he must be fighting somethin!)
Anyway, at the end of worship time, an elderly lady was going to be baptized. My wonderful hubby and Pastor who was baptizing her explained what that it was simply a statement of her faith and that she wanted to the world to know that she loved Jesus, accepted Him as her savior and is going to live her life for him. He then went on to say that if there was anyone else who felt like this was something they were ready to do, they should let him know. Following that, we had a short 'meet and greet' time where the worship band played and everyone grabbed their coffee and said their hellos. At this time about 3 young men came up to Arte and asked him if it would be alright if they could be baptized today as well. We sent a lady home on a towl run and we began another baptizing session. WOW!!! The worship band started playing again and everyone was singing while Arte spoke to each person about what they were doing and why. Everytime someone came up from the water, everyone was CHEERING and clapping and praising God so loud. It turned out that about 8 more people total got baptized and they were ALL young adults in their late teens or early twenties. You could feel God moving in such a powerful way, everyone was singing out at the top of their lungs and I just couldn't keep back the tears. It was so exciting to see this group of about 25 young adults cheer each other on in their hearts.
I glanced over at A.J.'s (8 yrs.) face and I could see it just glowing. All the other kids were already gone to Sunday School but because he was going to come home early with me, he was in the service. Now, I'm saying I was glad that he is feeling sick but can I tell you that I love how God brings great things out of bad situations!! I was THRILLED that he got to witness all these young people be on fire about loving Jesus and proclaiming it to the world. The spirit was on FIRE in that place and I don't think anybody could have walked out of that building denying that fact. This is a moment in time that he will remember his whole life. As a glanced over at him he was just grinning. You couldn't help but grin. Ahhh... sweet spirit of Jesus. As we walked out to the car, I apologized for being a little 'longer' than planned and asked him how he was feeling and he answered... 'a little better, Mum.'

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pressing Forward

Just keep scrappin, just keep scrappin, just keep scrappin!!! LOL! One of the thing that I've learned over the scrapbooking world is that you must press forward. I have been blessed to work on different Design Teams, win different contests and be published in different magazines. But with all those blessings come a lot of closed doors. If you don't try, how will you ever know? If there are 80 fabulous designers trying out and only 5 spots, obviously there will be people turned down. It just means that it wasn't your fit for that time. It was sad for me to read about some who were so disappointed for not making the DT. Especially those who have such outstanding talent. So, when I have a door closed, I remind myself (or a friend reminds me! LOL!) that it was the right 'fit' at the right 'time' and something else is waiting for me around the corner. I'm amazed at how many corners I've turned and there was another thing waiting. God is so good like that. He plants the desire of our heart and He can keep the dream alive as long as we let him. I went to sleep on Monday, know that I didn't make the DT. Then I woke up Tuesday morning, the first thing that was in my 'inbox' was an AMAZING opportunity. The best that has ever been layed before. Fiskars is adding a fifth lead and are opening up all current spots for applications!!! I have found my self in dream land all day thinking of the possiblities!! I am going to be putting my 'all' into this application and praying for God's will to come out of it. I pull myself down from dream land and remind myself that there could be over 1000 other people trying out for this position. That's what I love about knowing a personal God. I can put it in His lap and trust Him with it. I'd be lying though, if I told you I wasn't giddy with excitement and I'll be dreaming about it until the final announcement which is months away!! In the mean time, I put a few quick pages together of some super fun photos that have been laying around for WAY to long! LOL! ( I realize that these layouts are not the current season, but... who scraps in order now anyway????) By the end of this week... I resolve to have the banner changed and a new song on this blog. TIME FOR CHANGE!!! I'm almost embarrassed that it's been the same for so long! LOL!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I love it when I just have a total blast creating layouts and projects. I finished a few things today that I created for a DT call at createmykeesake.com. I am astonished at all the amazing projects going up in that gallery. It's such a fantastic site and I can see why so many people would want to be on the team. I have a few friends there are trying and do wish them the best of luck! There is also a new scripture challenge at this site that is starting this week. I'm really enjoying seeing how many people are interested in surrounding themselves with the Word of God. It's also fun to see so many gals who are sold out Christians on this site. I'm totally loving being there. Today is the last day to apply for the DT and right now I can't even get into the gallery to update with an upclose shot of my crackle paint. EVERYONE must be trying to get on right now. LOL! Glad I got my submission in earlier.

So now the wait.

Well, I can't wait to add them to my blog so here we go!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Family Matters

Christmas has always been such a special time of year. I love getting my photos and chatting with the kids about all the fun times we had together. This year I ordered them online and got them developed through Walmart. I'd have to say, I was quite disappointed with how they turned out. Regardless, I must post some of my favorites here! And here is a layout that I just finished.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

SR 'fess up time!

It's no secret that I'm a lover of Scenic Route. There is just one problem. I hoard it. Most of the time I cannot cut into that one gorgeous piece of paper... what if I might need it later? Yikes! That's a serious problem. I know that there are others who can relate. Right? ...ehem.. well, I dug in to my new Roxbury Christmas line because it was just screaming to be used (and because Layle was put out another challenge on her blog to share 'our' creations!) In my very limited December time, these were created.

Here it is!

I've been wanting to upload my Piggy Tale Hide n' Seek album. But, first I want to say that one should NEVER blog really late at night (like I did last night) especially about deep things such as 'gaining perspective!' Words just don't come together quite how one would want past the hour of midnight!
Anyway, the storm did stop and I was able to get a bit of a better photo of my layout. So, I'm going to keep the previous one to show the difference between a good photo outside and trying to take and indoor/late at night one.

And now to share a bit about my Piggy Tale album. When they first sent this to us, I thought a lot about what I might do with it. Then when we came back from Thanksgiving and I saw these photos, I couldn't wait to scrap them and how perfect to do a little book how I love my children. I used the title 'Do You Know...' and then inside on each new child's page I added the title 'What I love about you!' Under one of the flaps is a coordinating close up of the child and under the second flap is the journaling describing what I love about the child. It was very fun to 'hide' things that the kids could discover as they look through it. The Piggy Tale line that I used is called Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater and I added a bit of Ba Ba Black Sheep too! The fun thing is, after completing the album and uploading it to the DT site, I found out that I was the November winner! Piggy Tales chooses one winner out of their design team members.

Gaining Perspective.

Happy New Years!! New Years always seems like a time of reflecting, but for me, this is just simply the first opportunity I had to blog since Christmas. This life altering past week has caused me to do some reflecting. We had a great Christmas together, the five of us, and I can't wait to post some photos about it. But, right after Christmas when the family was supposed to be coming down, we got a call from my Mother-in-law informing me that Arte's Dad wasn't well enough for a visit. I could sense in her voice that she needed us there. We packed and a few hours later we were in Portland. Being there and realizing that things are mostly likely going to be changing quite a bit got me thinking a lot. What really does matter most? Not the clean house, not the folded laundry, not the 2007 album that I promised myself I'd finish. Embracing the moment is what matters. Holding on to what you have now, and appreciating it.

I did recently did a layout and after blogging all this, I'm thinking I should have titled it Embracing the moment!! Maybe for the next one. This is a special layout with a lot of meaning behind it. I only wish I could have taken a better picture of it if we had of gotten home in time.
I think tomorrow after I unpack, I will FINALLY get my Piggy Tale Hide-n-Seek book uploaded.
Needless to say, our New Years Eve involved driving home which to many may seem uneventful. To us, being together and talking about how this past week has really changed our lives, made it the best New Years ever.


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