Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fiskateer site down.

It's soo strange not being able to get on to the Fiskateer site. Good thing it's just for one day! I can't WAIT until tomorrow night to see what the 'new' site looks like and to welcome the new LEADS. I'm actually way more excited than I thought I really would be! If you've never been, this would be a great time to check it out. This is the link for now. Of course it may be different by tomorrow but I'll update it if that's the case.

I actually scrapped using the Fiskars sketch of the month which I haven't done in a while. A friend asked me how I liked using sketches and honestly, it's not always my favorite thing to do. But, sometimes you just want to the pictures and the memories recorded. Last night when I worked on this layout using the Fiskars sketch, it was one of those times. It only took me about 30 min. and I just wanted to quickly record the sweet memories of Kelsey's dear friend who moved away. So, although this may not be my style, I was happy to get it done and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Then this afternoon, I finally taped this layout down. It's been in the works for awhile. I had some left over 'Dutch Girl' that I wanted to use. And, I stumbled upon this sweet photo of A.J. when he was just born. I've been wanting to scrap it for some time now. Then, I heard from Susan that they were having a challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap to create a layout inspired by the name of a T.V. show. Who doesn't love 'A Baby Story?' Perfect title for my layout. If you double click on the page, it will pop up bigger if you want to read the journaling. tlf!! ;)

Speaking of my sweet .A.J. **sigh** He is off at kids camp. I drove him up on Friday with my good friend Jodi. I already miss him so terribly much! On the way back, we took the girls to the Aquadic Park in Corvallis. That was so fun! I actually felt HEAT on my skin! Wahoo!!! Back on the coast it's cold and dark again but I'm sure there are sunny days ahead.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Album for DAD...(Page Frames album)

Well, I didn't make the cut. But hey, I'm really, really glad that I tried. AND, that just means that something better is around the corner for me =) was a huge treat to see Ashley this morning. She grabbed one of her albums that I have done about her and she was just looking through it; smiling. That's what it's about for me. I love that.

On to scrappy yumminess!! This album has been super fun to put together. I LOVE clear albums! All the kids told me what they loved about their Dad and I documented it on a page where he is playing with them at the beach. The photos are super precious! tfl

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ooooohhhh..the wait.

So, now we wait to see who the 12 finalists are for Cosmo Cricket. Waiting is soooo hard! Really, this has been one of the hardest waits for me. Cosmo Cricket has been one of my few top favorites for quite some time. I wish our lss carried their newer lines already. Oh...what I would do to get me hands on some Sunshine! LOL!

Well...with my name being Julie and my brother's name being Jon....and I'm sure my dh and I considered naming one of children Lindsy at some point...and well, Eric, you're just plain out of luck! So, with all these things considered, I just don't know how they couldn't pick me!

All kidding aside, I just can't wait to see who the finalists are.

In the mean time, I want to share a sneak peak of something that I created but cannot reveal yet.

I also wanted to share an album that I created a while back and having being waiting to share. It's of Arte playing with the kids. I LOVE how this album turned out. I'll try and post all of it tomorrow. Today...the sun is shining and calling my name (now...if only Julie and Eric would do the same! LOL!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Christmas

I love it when magazines have calls for Christmas projects in the Summer time. That way, I get my gifts created early, and I'm ready to go in December! Dad's and GPA's are the hardest to buy for, so this giftbox, photo frame, and card combo will be the perfect gift. It's kind of hard to get a 'Christmasy' photo in the middle of summer!

Today was super fun. When it comes to Arte and water, he would like to have his cake and eat it too! He loves to dive but got this new Kayak that's super fun to zip around in. This pictures are from the other day. But today, ALL four of us got in the Kayak while Dad went scuba diving (no one left to take the picture!) Ashley was very unsure of the entire idea and it took her awhile to get in. After scraping her finger nails off the dock, we finally got her in! It was pretty cool being out in the kayak with all 3 kids! What a day!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Craze!!

Alright...if it's not obvious enough, I'm on a Cosmo Cricket CRAZE!! Did you know that they are having a DT call? There. The secrets out! The reason I say I'm on a CRAZE is because I honestly think I would be CRAZY to not try out. Really, anyone would be crazy not to. What an amazing opportunity to work with such a fabulous manufacturer! What's the worse that could happen? They could say 'no,' but then they would be crazy! Ha!

So here is my fave Cosmo Cricket layout so far...

 here is all the info (because I'm such a nice friend...**sigh** the competition rises.) LOL!

Cosmo Cricket DT Call

Some photos and some paper just scream for a nice clean layout. It's true that I do love to layer and distress but I also love to bring emphasis to small detail sometimes. Here is a more simple, yet elegant one that I did in honor of Julie's classic, red, stylish shoes. Little bit of class, little bit of red and a lot of STYLE!! LOL!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Cuteness!!!

Okay...I'm just have to start off by saying, today, I'm ready to throw that lovely wii fit scale/board thingy that talks to you OUT THE WINDOW!!!! ( that off my chest!)

Moving this not the cutest paper EVAH!! I seriously had soooooo much fun with this album. I'm one of those people who would glue paper on chipboard and use a xacto knife to cut through all the details. I'm VERY grateful for the **smart** people who cut the paper for us! hee hee....So, here is the album I got to put together about the kiddos lil' cousin....Tanner!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Crunched!

It's true. They hardly ever fight. You may not be able to read the journaling on this layout but it talks about how my kids get along so well all the time! Nearly just unbelievable. They totally inspired me to do this page today. They are finally feeling well. Yeah!!! So...much more energy and I'm so blessed that they are having so much fun together.

And me? I'm working out with a CARTOON character??????? What is wrong with me? I'm so addicted to this Wii Fit. It's so fun!!! But step class? Come on! Seriously. You'll understand when you try it. In the mean time...maybe I'd rather work out with a bunch of cartoon characters who won't laugh at me. They actually cheer me on (even when I fall down when I'! LOL!)

Cosmo Cricket Classic!

I've decided to share a little bit about myself that some of you may not know. My parents have a farm and I was one of the priviledged teenagers to have a horse. I have so many great memories of that place I call home.

When I was first introduced to Cosmo Cricket, they had just come out with a new line called WANTED (among others). I was immediately drawn to this line. It has such a warm western feeling to it. What I really love about WANTED is that it's totally classic. A western style like that is so not trendy and will never go out of style.

What does this have to do with the Ranch? Well, what better paper to use for a classic gift for some classy people? I wanted to do a special project honoring the farm my parents call 'R 11 Acres.' I had so much fun decorating this tin and then putting together a neat lil' album with photos of all the unique things to remember about the ranch. Because I did this a bit ago, I have never got to share it on my blog. So, for all you farm girls out there...this one's for you!

The page that I have posted is a photo of their door knocker that has the name 'R 11' on it. Cool stuff...for a horse girl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wii Fit

TOTALLY a love/hate relationship. Well spoken Carlee!!

I'm only on day two. Day one...I hated it. It said I was 10 years older than I am! LOL!! Day it says I'm a year younger. Ha. We won't talk about all the other mean and cruel things it said. BUT, at the same time, the games are just soooo very fun and addicting. What better way to convince yourself that it's okay to spend time playing a 'game' than knowing it's making your body healthier!

Kelsey was taking a photo shoot and took a picture of everything instead of my shoes sitting by the door. I thought it was funny that she got this shot. Wish I could say it's a picture of me being weighed.....nope. It's A.J. LOL!

Well...we haven't been quite fighting over turns on the Wii yet. Found out that A.J. officially has strept throat and Ashley has walking pneumonia. ***sigh*** What a way to start off summer break!

And...on a bit of a selfish note, I've been getting to cuddle and nurture a bit more but I certainly haven't been able to get the projects done that I'd like to. Maybe tomorrow. Med's are kicking in. Wahoo!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Cravings!!!'ve heard me say it before. I fall in love with certain paper and CANNOT seem to cut into because it's so beautiful and I might want it later and if I use it now.....ect!!!! That's the crazy mind of a scrapper who lives more than 30 min. from her lss!!

Anyway, I fell in LOVE with this paper when it came out. I made a few layouts with it and decided to hoard the rest. I remember actually, after creating the layouts, having a panic attatck that I didn't have those sheets anymore so I went out and bought some to replace it. Now that it's a little tougher to do that!!!

Yesterday I had a few minutes and decided to go for it. I'd been wanting to make a special card and used the 'Dutch Girl' line from Cosmo Cricket to create this one! tfl.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

Although I'm not getting to spend time with my Dad on Father's Day, I was able to make this card quite a while back for him and get it to him to celebrate this special day. My Dad reads my blog occasionally so I just wanted to shout out a BIG HELLO to him (HI DAD!! I LOVE YOU!!)

Things are about strange around here for Father's Day. My in-laws are here so it's nice we can spend Father's Day with them but both the older kids have really high fevers. I don't know WHAT is going on!!! Ashley is even on antibiodicts for an earlier ear infection so she should NOT be fighting off an infection sooooo strange.

So...things are a bit quite around here. We were able to get Arte his Father's Day gift which this canvas that I made for him with all my yummy Piggy Tales goodies AND....

The 'kids' gave him a Wii Fit!!!! It's so fun!! So after all that excitement and horror of all the mean things that this machine tells you we were able to compete in a few skiing games. It was toooooo funny.

Now things have quited down while everyone rests and I was able to put a card together. Hopefully I'll get it uploaded tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I did it!!

It seems like it has been so long since I scrapped something that wasn't for a DT assignment but rather, just something for myself!!

I just CANNOT get enough of this new Webster's Pages paper. It is soooo yummy! This line that I used for the guys layout is called 'Feather your Nest.' It is AWESOME!

This is Arte with his brother Ty and son Tanner. Love this photo.
I also have a fun Piggy Tales project to share but it'll have to wait until after Father's Day. ;)

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of school. Things will certainly be looking different around here! Yup...summer vacation has begun. I will now be bundling up the kiddos in the winter coats and boots to go WITH me to get the mail. Crazy weather. Crazy...

Ashley stayed home today with a fever. Poor girl. She has an ear infection and I'm just hoping she'll be better by tomorrow!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rose Colored Glasses (Webster's Pages pp!!)

What an amazing time we had in Texas. I don't know what the best part was. Arte and I experienced such special and comical time together personally. We also got to meet up with so many great friends. I LOVE that part of convention. Of course the meetings themselves were just full of the power of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit. Such life. Such joy. Such a refreshing time.

Since being back, I've just been playing catch up. Wanted to share a layout real quick. Not much time to blog today (it's Arte's birthday!) I'll have to find some time later.

Have you ever had pattern paper that you just CAN'T cut into??? This was my problem with this gorgeous WEBSTER'S pages paper. I just LOVE it!!! So, I took a strip of each paper...hee hee. It's called RASBERRY TRUFFLE...YUM!!!!!

Here is the layout I did that talks about how Kelsey is always so optimistic (it's okay! it's okay! her favorite thing to be saying all the time!) It's so sweet.


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