Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who left a comment and entered to win the Piggy Tales RAK. That was fun! Here is a Thank You card for ya'll! LOL! This card was also created for Triple the Sketch earlier this summer but I haven't yet had a chance to post it.

And now for our lucky winner that was randomly picked:

Mummy lol - CONGRATS!!!!!! Please email me at so I can get your address and send out your Piggy Tales goodies! Too much fun. We must do that again some time soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your vote counts!!!

Everywhere that I have uploaded this layout, people seemed to love it. Now you have a chance to vote for it! I actually thought that voting would have been over by now but they have extended the voting until Thursday Midnight!! I'm referring to an earlier post that I made about a contest at Craft Warehouse. I know that some of you have voted already but if you haven't and would like to, here is the info: ( I PROMISE - it only takes 2 seconds...seriously!)

We have a store in the Northwest called Craftwarehouse. They are having a contest where the Grand Prize is $500 gift certificate to their store. **SWOON**

You have to register first on the board. My layout is in the Greshem store and is called ‘Look Mom no Hands!’ You can vote on a scale of 1 – 5. 5 being the highest score.

Here is where you can vote! (registration is at the bottom of the page) - click here

If you get a chance to help me out, thanks in advance!!


You know me...I can't write a post without including a new project or a photo of some sort. Here is a card I made for Triple the Sketch this summer but didn't get to post yet because of my traveling. This one was for sketch #11.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Midnight Kisses - HG

So, we all have it. That paper that you don't want to use because it's gorgeous, you couldn't possibly cut into it! I finally cut into my Midnight Kisses paper. Barely! Ha! I was doing a fast srap for the crop this weekend. That means you have about an hour to complete it. Well, I had about half an hour by the time you count uploading it ect. So..this is a quick page but I still think it turned out okay. It's a terrible photo of it because of course I was taking it late at night!

The only other page I started to work on was for this photo. I tried and tried for about a whole 20 minutes but it just wasn't coming together how I wanted it to. I couldn't find the one pack of embellies that I wanted to use. Honestly, I thought I knew where EVERYTHING was in my scrap room. Everything except my pack of BG chipboard that is!! LOL!!

So, I've decided. No more scrappin' until I clean up my mounds of messes. Seriously it us incredibly out of control. Lucy can testify to that! Maybe by next weekend I'll have this 'PURE delight' ice cream cone page done. Doesn't she just make you want to eat ice cream?

********WARNING************* This next photo is quite alarming!!

A few of my family members wanted to see this. It's still shocking to me. Kelsey had a little 'accident' right before I left on my great adventure (oh, you better believe it was hard to leave after that!) Of course she was fine. Can't you see her smiling?? She is the toughest girl I know! But doesn't it look painful?????? OUCH!! By the time I came back(a week later..there wasn't even a mark!)

Don't forget to check out the previous post if you want to have a chance at the giveaway I'm doing on Friday.

Have a happy week!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time for a Giveaway!!

All this scrappy goodness is just making me want to share. I headed to the post offic today to send a few RAK'S from a while ago and it was so fun! So, I decided it's time to send a Piggy Tales one off. I will even include some (a few!) of the brand new just released papers. Here's what I'll be sending to one lucky winner:

* One sheet of Piggy Tale Chipboard Letters
* One package of PT Barn Doors
* One Package of PT chipboard Shapes
* One Package of PT Cardstock Letter Stickers
* One Package of PT Screendoors
* 7 Pieces of PT Patter Paper

Sadly, I won't be sharing any of my Itsy Bitsy Spider collection; I've nearly used it all up!

So, next Friday (August 29th)I will draw a random winner from anyone who leaves a comment on this blog post.

Also, if you are not doing anything this weekend and would like to join an amazingly fun online crop, check out the one at ACOT! They are always a blast! I don't know how much free time I'll have this weekend to be a part of this one.

Lastly, I've been so excited to share my latest Triple the Sketch page. It's a bit bright and wild...representing my Kelsey to a 'T!' Thanks for looking!

Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eye Candy!

Yesterday was one extremely happy mail day for me!! I got my prize from Piggy Tales which included there new Drawbridge album and some other goodies from Maya Road. Check it out! (Thanks Trina!)

And much to my surprise, Piggy Tales decided to sent their DT each a set of their new line of paper, a few embellies and a Drawbridge board book. How cool is that!

It's no secret how much I absolutley LOVE this new green paper called the Itsy Bitsy Spider so I was elated when I opened my package. Luckily I was working on some projects that of course I can't share yet (oh! that's so hard!) so I had my big scrappy mess out anyway. Instantly, I began cutting into my paper and playing. It was so fun! Here are the three new projects (that I can share!) that I cranked out with this yummy paper.

The other thing I got in the mail that I wasn't expecting was a nice package from Sisterhood of Scrap! It was a thank you for being their guest. I didn't get a photo of it but I just wanted to say thank you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Canada/Portland 2008

Last night I finally got all my photos uploaded to my computer. I was so excited to post a few from our trip. Oh my!! I got sooooo overwhelmed. I probably easily have over 500 photos. How do you share just a few? So, I've decided I'm going to make a slide show again and I'll add that to this post a bit later. For now, I just wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Kamloops, B.C. (Wildpark)

One of our favorite owls at that park.

Four Generations (taken at my Grandma's house in Kelowna)

Kelsey just bein' sweet.

A.J. helping build the foundation for Uncle Mitch's new house.

Here is the house!

Pool time with cousin Jasmine at Grandpa and Grandma's in Canada!

My cowgirl...finally getting ready to ride!

"Well...maybe I'll just ride with brother this time, and hang on to him!" LOL!

This is one of my favorites. The kids are sitting in front of Okanagan Lake. (You'll be seeing this in a layout very shortly I'm sure!)

A.J. Ashley and cousin Tanner practicing being store cashiers at the Portland children's Museum.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogging Again.

It does feel good to blog again. I have to give my friend Melanie from Piggy Tales the credit. She brought it to my attention that it was definitely time to update and it WAS! LOL! She also motivated me by tagging me. This is one amazingly talented gal that you can find in many, many magazines. Check our Melanie's blog and you'll see what I mean!

I wanted to share today the latest little album that I made before my big journey. I completed it for my Piggy Tales assignment and much to my surprise, won for the month! When I receive my goodies I will be sure to post them for you to see. The album I did was of Kelsey and her very good friend who moved away to California. I took these photos the day she was leaving. sniff sniff. Here are just a few pages of it. Our theme was supposed to be 'the Little Things'

 for 6 Random Facts about myself. This is the part that's hard about being tagged! LOL!

1) I wear ladies size 5 or children's size 3 shoes. This summer, my 4 year old bought shoes to match mine. =)

2) I am Canadian and married an American which is why we live in Oregon.

3) I used to hate coffee (the shock I know!) but whenever I went out with Arte before we were married, I would always hold his coffee mug to get warm. The occassional sips to get warm on the inside got me hooked!

4) In 1996, Arte and I attended the Olympics in Atlanta to watch my best friend's husband compete.

5) While growing up, the ice rink was my second home. My two brothers playing hockey and me taking figure skating lessons.

6) I'm allergic to avacado!!!

Phew...okay. Time to tag some of you lucky ducks.

I tag:


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Grand Journey


Have you ever gone a few months without talking to one of your greatest friends and then hesitated to pick up the phone. Where do you start? So much to say!

That's how I feel about trying to type a blog entry right now.

I never would have thought when I left home over a month ago that I would not be returning until now. We just arrived back late Saturday night and I have totally put off updating my blog.

In a nut shell, we had out of town guests for the first week of July. Then, on a spontaneous whim, I ended up in Portland at a counseling seminar called the Genesis Process. This is the most amazing program to learn how to help anyone who struggles with addictions.

I came home to the coast for a day and ended up leaving quite suddenly with my kids, to go be with my friend in Canada. After about a week, I had a plane ticket and time scheduled in Texas at the Mentoring Mansion. This was also a fantastic week where a handful of my girlfriends from California who are also Pastor's wives came together and learned so much about the sanctity of the home. Amazing.

Before I left to drive the kiddos ALL the way back to the coast, my Mom and Dad up in Canada said 'why don't you just leave the kids here and you can pick them up when you come up for your vacation, we would love to have them here on the farm.' What an experience for them!!

So, after flying back from Texas, I spent a few days in Portland waiting for Arte to drive up and meet me there so we could head on up to Canada for our family vacation. After a week and a half, we drove back down and spend some time with Arte's brother and his family and there parents. It truly was such a special time.

I learned this summer to live on what I had. When I first packed, I thought I'd be gone for only a few days so I didn't bring much. Okay, the truth is, I also learned to borrow from my friends and family...hee hee (*thanks guys!*)

I also learned that even though a lot of this trip was unplanned and on a whim, it was all a part of God's ultimate plan. I saw His great hand in every single area and at every single spot. He is an Awesome God. This has been a life changing summer for me. Pivotal. I will never be the same.

On to the current news!!!! Here are a few cards that I did for Triple the Sketch quite a while back. I gave a sneak peek of the first one a few posts back. You know me, I can't do a post without a photo! Can you even imagine all the photos of our trip???? I'll save that for another day.

*******I NEED YOUR HELP!!! (To win $500 GC!) I am entering a local contest where 9 stores are involved. There will be 9 winners and one Grand Prize winner. Do you remember voting for me last year??? Ya. It was kind of crazy. BUT, the prize is BETTER this year it's a gift certificate instead of a prize basket. The 9 winners will get a $250 gc and the GP is another $250. Worth asking for a bit of help I think!

If you are interested in helping me out... hee hee, you can register at Craftwarehouse's website here. You'll have to scroll down to #6 to read the directions of how to register. The voting doesn't begin until Aug. 18th. but you have to register a head of time. If you already registered last year, you should be good to go unless you don't remember your password! LOL! Thanks to all my faithful blog readers. I promise it will get more interesting and I'll be back to updating on a regular basis! LOL!

This is the layout I decided to enter:


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