Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And We're Off!!

I'm quite excited because we are leaving this weekend on a quick trip to Canada. I can't wait to meet my little neice and to visit with my brother and the rest of my family. We are supposed to be leaving early tomorrow morning but I'm really feeling under the weather. If I can just find some energy to pack....

Wanted to share a few things I did this week. The first is this layout for Collage Press. Although I don't see these special friends of mine very often, they are so dear to my heart. We once lived all in the same building and there was such a bond formed. Knowing that we are there for each other even though we are miles apart, really helps us get through a lot of our 'stuff.'

Here are some other sneaky peeks of an album I've been working on. I'll upload all the photos when we get back from our trip.

Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll be back to bloggin' after we return (with a just a few cute baby pictures to share, I'm sure!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm an Auntie!!!

I should clarify and say....I'm an Auntie again! I have one niece and one nephew. Kaylee Rae was born early and I'm so excited!!! It's my brother Mitch's first baby and I can just see him beaming from ear to ear. Sadly, he is in Canada and I can't literally see him beaming quite yet but I hope to when we go up there this weekend to see his precious lil' girl! I will update with details as I get them. She was born 5 pounds 11ounces. Teeny tiny!! I can't wait to share some sweet photos!

Speaking of little girls. I created this layout called 'A Little Girls Dream is never wasted.' It's about the goals that I've had as a little girl and that I want to accomplish five years from now. It was inspired by the 'Design X' blog challenge. I think it's so important to write down our goals and dreams. Loved this one! My journaling is tucked behind. This is the worst photo of a layout ever and I plan to take a better one tomorrow in the natural day light. I tried to adjust the coloring and now it's all way off! LOL! tfl!

***updated*** It's all dark and rainy today...not much better of a photo.

And of course more photos!!! Mostly because I simply cannot believe that it is October 26th today. Honestly, I think it was the hottest day of the entire year. Here are the kids playing in the sprinkler!

Here's Ashley, our future hurdler.

And our future snowboarder!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

300 + photos....

Been busy with life the last few days. Busy with babies, (not mine...other people's!) shoppin, enjoyin the fall weather (if that's what you can call it!)baking and taking LOTS O' photos!

It's not because I'm obsessed with my kids either. Honestly. I have a real love for photography and I'm trying to sharpen my skills. After taking over 300 photos in the last week (it's the perfect time of year!) I think I realize that I need to get serious about taking a course or picking up a good book on how to use the tools that I have. I know that today I had perfect lighting. But, a four year old will only go so far or go TOO far with your instructions 'turn your face toward the light, honey' (as she stares up to the lightbulb!) What a trooper. A lot of my photos are of Kelsey because the other kids are at school and we get to do more stuff together like, go for walks, explore in the forest ect. Today we went to a pumpkin hunt. The funny thing is that I just scrapped the photos from last year and my layout is in my previous post. So, here are some of the photos from a year later.

After the pumpkin hunt...we went to visit Dad in his office.

The lighting was perfect. However, I had my zoom lens and I couldn't get in front of her face. Regardless, it was adorable. Kelsey charged in there like she owned the place and started 'pretending' to answer the phones, and type out balance records.

Then she broke into a serious study...sudoku. Too funny!

Okay....I so SERIOUSLY have a bizzilion more! I really need to get scrapping some instead of taking so much time uploading. But, gotta keep the Grandparents happy. ;)

Just ONE more....well maybe three.

This one is of A.J. when we went hiking in the forest...isn't he handsome?

On Sunday, it was sooooo hot. The kids really didn't wear shorts all summer...but here we are in the middle of October and Ashley pulls out her shorts and tshirt! LOL!

Then the next day, Kelsey and I went to go for a walk. It had just been raining and it was FREEZING cold....definite hat weather! I took a series of photos of Kelsey on the walk in this cute combo. This one is my absolute fave and you will be seeing it with the others in a layout VERY soon!

So...those are just the cream of the crop. What do you do when you can't decide what photos to scrap first?

I haven't blogged in quite a few days. I also haven't scrapped in quite a few days. **gasp** I've been having too much fun playing with the kiddos and takin' photos! But I can't sign off without leaving a scrappy creation so here is a layout that I did a while back and is now posted on Triple the Sketch.

Thanks for stopping by and enduring all my photos!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Collage Press **My Lil Pumpkin***

Well, even though I've been playing, this is my first 'official'assignment for Collage Press. I'm quite excited to see what the other gals have come up with while working with this amazingly, fun paper and products.

This is Kelsey a year ago at a pumpkin hunt where she had to try and find her name written at the bottom of it. It was at our Preschool. Eventually, she did find her own name..the one that started with a 'K!' LOL!

Here is a complete supply list of what I used:

Pattern Paper – Collage Press (Jackson Lodge: Sparks, Jackson Ridge, Wildflower, Blue Springs, Prairie)
Stickers – Collage Press (Jackson Lodge), American Crafts (Thickers)
Stamp – Collage Press (Official Record)
Ink – Staz On
Die Cuts – Collage Press (Jackson Lodge)
Felt Ribbon – Queen and Company
Trim – Rusty Pickle
Buttons – American Crafts

I also wanted to add this sneak peak. It's not one that I can share yet but LOOK! I used my fabric and was able to create some fabulous fabric flowers of my own. I'm sooooo very excited about that!


I just found out that I had one of my cards picked up for the Scrapbook Trends special 'INVITEs' issue. It was one that I created using some of my new Heidi Grace 'Only Time' and some of my Heid Grace 'Baby.' Totally doin' the Happy Dance today!

EEK!!! ****Edited to add....**** A SECOND card has been picked up for Scrapbook Trends INVTITES and it's with Heidi Grace 'Midnight Kisses!' WAHOO!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 10th....Official Overby 'Treat Invention' Day!

I's the 11th. But I can't wait to blog about the fun day we had yesterday!! It was gorgeous out and we got all ready to go to the beach. When we were there, we lost the sun for a bit but played anyway. I need to touch up some of the photos and then I'll share those later.

It was a Friday 'day off school' for the kids so we decided to make the most of it. On the way home from the beach, the kids hands were freezing and they asked if they could have hot chocolate when we get home. Of course, marshmellows made their way into the converation! Out of no where, Ashley says 'what if they made marshmellows with peanutbutter dots inside! The conversation took off and developed into a series of 'ooooooh and what if you put carmel with peanutbutter and a little of...NO! what if you dipped...and, how about try....ect!'

All the way home these creative minds went to work. It was so cute because by the time we got home, we came up with this great recipe and while they were taking their baths and showers (to get rid of the piles of sand we brought home with us,) I layed out all the things we needed to try our new invention. The kids were SHOCKED!! They seriously couldn't belive I would allow such a sugar filled, full of fun, crazy, sensless adventure!!

We had a blast and decided it would be very fun to share the recipe. name for them yet....


Large Pretzel Sticks
Large Marshmellows
2 Recess Pieces bars (chopped)
8 Crushed Ritz Crackers
3 TBLS Peanutbutter
Smuckers Carmel Ice Cream Topping

1) Stab your pretzel stick into a marshmellow so it's on really well.
2) Arrange all your 'toppings' for dipping into paper plates and small bowls.
3) Dip your marsmellow TOP into the carmel and then dip it into the Ritz crumbs.
4) Using a knife, spread peanut butter all around the outside of the marshmellow.
5) Roll the peanutbutter sides into the Recess Crumbs
6) Put in the fridge for an hour to set ....or just eat 'em all up because they're sooooooo yummy! ;)

Wait until you see these faces!!!!

Warning*******Could cause extreme sugar high! Hey...that's why we are only going to do it once a year!

We actually had so much fun (well, and it was so delish) that we decided to officially declare that October 10th would always be Treat Invention Day for the Overby family. (They seriously cannot wait until next Oct. 10th and are already counting down the days!!! Who needs Disneyland? LOL!)


And...because I have a hard time bloggin' without sharing any recent scrappy stuff I've done, here is my latest page. I created it with my Scenic Route, Sonoma goodies for my GDT assignment at Create My Keepsake.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it's somethin' fun!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Make Everything Glorious

I LOVE this song by the David Crowder Band! I did this layout with my Scenic Route goodies for my DT assignment at Create My Keepsake. It's hard to see but the journaling says, 'You are wonderfully made.' Psalm 139:14.

I also made this fun card with my Collage Press goodies!!

Pray for our kitty, Cuddles. She was gone for two days and then we found her. She was under a tree and wouldn't come to me when I caller her (very unlike her). Then when I brought her in the house, instead of eating, she went straight to hide under our bed and wouldn't come out all day and evening yesterday. Poor thing! I just don't know what's wrong with her! She is definitely not herself!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Friendship bread? And a few other warm goodies...

It's been cold, rainy and dark here. Makes me want to bake!! My favorite thing to bake at this time of year is friendship bread. It's so hard to wait the full 10 days before actually baking it though? Any other Friendship bread lovers?

The dark, rainy weather also makes it really hard to take good photos...of anything! But, this morning I woke up and saw a bit of sunshine. Yay!!

Yesterday was a fun mail day. My goodies from Collage Press Arrived and so did my Guest Design Team supplies (Scenic Route) and monthly prize (Fancy Pants) from Create My Keepsake. Oh.....did I want to play! I was so glad it was Monday; one of our slow days.

Here are a few things I got to create...

For this one, I used my new Collage Press papers and stamps!

Scenic Route Sonoma (CMK's sponsor this month)

Kelsey said the most adorable thing this summer...'Sure are a lot of Yesterdays, Mum!' Of course, I had to scrap that one!

Blessings on your Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday was World Card Making Day and instead of playing, I was busy cleaning my scrap room!! I finally saw my table last night! Wahoo!!

Today I got to play along and created this card with inspiration from the Pink Paislee blog. The card that inspired me the most was Anabelle's. Her's was just gorgeous! Check it out here.

There's still time to create and if you need some more inspiration, check out the contest that is going on Create My Keepsake. A few of the design team members have posted some fabulous projects!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Woot Woot!! Some great news AND 'Frankie' is in the house!!!!!!**updated**

Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited! This has been a very fun day for me. I am thrilled to have been chosen as the Guest Design Team Member at Create My Keepsake for the month of October. I'll be working a long a fabulous Design Team. What an honor! On top of that, I'll have the chance to be designing with Scenic Route's new line Sonoma This paper has such rich, beautiful colors. I can hardly wait! Make sure and come visit me this month and say hello at Create My Keepsake. You will find tons of inspiration there!

Another bit of exciting news that came a long with that announcement is that I was one of the winners of the Fancy Pants contest!!! That was such a surprise!! What a great day!!

The other fun event was that I have been waiting all day for the rumble of the Fed Ex truck to make it's way to my front door.

No. I don't have a visitor. LOL! Frankie is the nick name for the new Fiskars Push n' Print stamp tool.

It is soooo cool!! I'm quite exited! You can see here what it is on this video that Stephanie from Fiskars put together. Click here to watch the video.

I won this amazing tool on the Fiskateers site. Anyhoo...Frankie didn't come empty handed either. I'm thrilled to have some new stamps to play with and can hardly wait to get started! No excuses now. I think I will be creating my Christmas cards for sure this year. Now just to find the perfect stamp.

I did a 'little' craftin' last night but nothing that I can show quite yet.

Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!


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