Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What a wedding!! My husband's cousin Peter got married to a gorgeous bride named Liz on Saturday. Arte officiated the wedding and it turned out so beautiful and so very elegant! I've just been dying to show these photos that I took! This is the most gorgeous couple. I could have snapped pictures all day long and nearly did. I tried, however, to stay out of the way of the professional photograhper!

My daughters were in 'awe' over the 'barbie princess.' I had to pry Kelsey out of her arms at one time during the reception. Then at the gift opening she sat right in between them to help them open their gifts! It's a good thing that Liz obviously loves children and seemed to take a liking to Kelsey. If Kelsey has any say in it... they are friends for life now! LOL! This was our first time to meet and get to know Liz. What a sweetie she is! Isn't she just a doll? Her and Pete are both very blessed to have each other. I also found out she is a scrapbooker! Wahoo!!!
I tried most of the day to get a shot of Ashley in her sweet hat. She's been waiting all spring to be able to wear this to the wedding. Then of course, she took it off when she got there! Right at the end she put it on and even smiled for the camera which was shocking considering how tired she was!

The wedding was a gorgeous Resort in Washington, that had this amazing waterfall. It was just breathtaking and I was so glad we took the time to hike down a little ways to see it.

The next day, there was a gift opening at Pete and Liz's place. The have done such an incredible job decorating and remodeling. WOW! That was fun to see. And of course,here is kelsey, in the middle of it all, sitting on Liz's lap!

I'm having trouble uploading these photos but I will try again in a bit. The kids are learning how to scuba dive. Can't miss that!


Janice said...

Gorgeous photos Julie... you know I want to see every one of them!!

I miss you like crazy... like crazy!!


Corey W. said...

fantastic photos!

Roni K said...

The wedding looks like a blast! Love the photos!

amber daNeLL said...

AWesome photos! Looks like it was FUN! Thanks for sharing Julie!


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