Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Surprise Party

Soooooooo cute. Nope, it's not my birthday but my darling lil' 3 yr. old daughter Kelsey, made me a surprise birthday party all on her own. I was busy doing my thing and she kept asking me for paper. She wrapped all my hand made presents in paper towl (wrapping paper) and then put out the cake (bowl of m&m's.) Then she invited all her imaginary friends over. She held me my hand and guided me into the living room where my gifts and cake were waiting. We opened presents, ate our cake, sang songs and danced to music. It was the BEST surprise birthday EVAH!!


Michelle said...

How cute! Dyllan who is also 3 wraps his trains in cloth scraps and sings to me our my hubby. We act suprised every time we open the same gift.

Sarah said...

too cute! :) happy un-birthday!

Janice said...

Kelsey is the sweetest thing!! What a fantastic surprise and a GRET time!! TFS!


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