Monday, February 4, 2008

Staying warm and trying to stay calm!!!

Well, I hardly ever do this but I talked myself into buying myself a present. I figured in the long run, we could really save on the heating bill. So, really it was a savings. Hee hee. Lucky me, it arrived on our door step the day we got home from the snow. An electric blanket!!! I can't EVEN believe how wonderful it is. Everynight Arte gets into bed and says... "Ah... I feel so rich... and in luxury... why didn't we do this before?' Seriously. If I had only known. If you don't own one and are climbing into a cold stone brick everynight....I'm telling ya... it's worth EVERY penny!

The part about staying calm is that I can hardly contain my EXCITEMENT!!! Less than 5 days away I'm leaving for CHA!!!!!! I feel so blessed! Yet... it gets even better. I will be meeting up with my buddy Janice. Yay!!! We are going to have a crazy fun time. Totally can't wait.

My Piggy Tale album is done (along with LOTS of other layouts that I can't show:( but I will upload the album soon!


melita said...

A warm bed every night sounds awesome...may have to look into the electric blanket! =) Have a great time at CHA! Wish I was going too! Maybe next time ;)

Kate O'Brien said...

Can't wait to see your new scrappies!! Hope you are enjoying your electric blanket!


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