Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Boy...

He's home! Yay!! I can't believe that I missed him so much. It was great to hear about his camp experiences. I wanted to share a layout that I did about him growing up. It's getting harder and harder for me to see him getting so big! I think it's because he is getting so tall.

I'm such a bad mom.


I feel terrible.

When he came home he said, 'Mom, everyone else got mail and you didn't send me anything. Some kids got mail every day!'

How is it that I can crank out cards but I can't get em' in the mail in time! Urgh! The frustrating thing is that I send it on Thursday and he came home on Monday. Why didn't he get it?

I feel sooooooo bad. Mostly because he was seriously holding back the tears while telling me.

I think I'll send him some mail from here....to here. Just to make up for it!

Ah...the pleasures of mothering.

As far as Fiskars goes, the new site is up! Yay! It looks great but I can't seem to get signed in! I'm so anxious too! Hopefully that'll get all sorted out.

My friend Karen is coming today (with her 3 little ones) so I'm just trying to focus on getting ready for four more people in our cozy house. Can't wait!


Patti Smith said...

I can't get logged in either Julie...the site looks good though doesn't it....have a good holiday..enjoy and be safe!! by the way your not a bad Mom at all..it brought back lots of memories for me!!

Staci said...

Aww, Julie, don't be so hard on yourself! You did mail something, it's not your fault the mail service is slow! Gosh, there's always something to feel guilty about for us mommies, huh?! I think your idea of mailing mail from home is a great one :-)


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