Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

I finally got to watch that movie! I told Arte on Friday that I'd never seen it and then on Saturday when we got home, he sat me on the couch, told me to close my eyes and he stuck it in the DVD player. It was a great movie and a great memory.

The next day, I decided to cook a big turkey dinner and get out our china to have a nice dinner. Not sure what came over me. I guess I just can't wait for Christmas!!

Some other memories we are making this season is building our Gingerbread house. It's the worst lookin' thing ever and it was for sure the most fun to build ever. We had frosting EVERYWHERE and the kids were bustin' up laughing. I had put too much in the bag and it was oozing out the top. They kept calling me 'Frosty' with my white hands. Kids don't care how it 'looks' anyway. Fun times.

Yesterday was a crazy day. Kelsey had some kind of infection and was in a lot of pain. She really needed to see the doctor. The schools closed and now I know why! As we driving to the doctor which is quite a ways away, we ened up sliding into on coming traffic. We spun around a couple of times and then slammed into the bank. The kids were pretty alarmed. Everyone was okay (except Arte's jeep!) We easily could have hit another vehicle and I know that the Lord was watching over us. There were angels all around us.

No crafty stuff to share today but I have some things to share tomorrow!! Hope to see you back and don't forget to say 'hello!'

Hope you are all enjoying this very cold week as we get ready to celebrate our savior's birth!


jaccisuu said...

oh Julie! Thank God you are all ok! I know that my kids and I are staying home bound! Ive cancelled all kinds of appointments and such just because Im terrified of driving in this crazy weather! Im glad your all ok and praying for Kelsie that she gets well soon! Luv you all!

Anabelle said...

Thank goodness you're all OK!! How scary. Glad you're making some fun memories. Love the gingerbread house.

Laina said...

Oh Julie, so glad to hear that you are all safe! Sorry to here the vehicle didn't make out so well. Hope the little one is feeling better. Great fun with the gingerbread house, everlasting memories for sure!

Danielle said...

Hey there! Love your gingerbread house! How scary, but I'm glad you are all OK, yes definitely angels watching over you!

Leigh said...

I'm so glad that you all are okay! Scary stuff!!

Nicole said...

Glad you guys were ok! I have 2 gingerbread xmas tree's that I need to make with my kids. Maybe this weekend we will get to it!


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