Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History In the Making

I did a lot of praying today. I love trusting in a God who has all things under His control. All my kids have been very interested in this historical day. I'm glad they have such pride in their country. It actually surprises me that even though I'm not American, I feel just as much pride or should I say, gratitude to be living in such a fantastic country.

I thought the ceremony was amazing and very moving. I think it's fascinating that we have a President with a young family. That alone has drawn my children's attention to the whole world of politics. Kelsey keeps asking, when do we get to see him go into the...'white' house. LOL!! So sweet.

This event and many others have been making me think a lot about family in these last few weeks. This year I want to focus on more 'play' time. I still can't believe that Kelsey is now in ballet. Today was her first 'official' day. She beamed the entire time. Loved it.

There's a family in my life right now who I love so much. Great parents. Adorable, precious boys. I thank God for them. I've been wanting to share some photos that I took of the seven of them playin' at the beach. Maybe this will inspire you to get out there and spend some time 'playing' with the ones you love. Thane and Becky have graciously allowed me to share these photos with you all. They know my dream is to some day be a 'real' photographer!

Aren't they the cutest EVER!!

Okay, now to share some scrappy news. Have you been following the peeks??? This is just a small treat of what is yet to come with Collage Press. This paper called 'Sweet Shop' is so gorgeous. I can't wait until everyone can see the rest of it!

And if you are looking to 'fetch' some great paper for the little man in your life, check out these boy papers from PINK Paislee!! (Well...okay they could be for a girl too...)

And of course, these adorable papers for all the princess in our lives. You can find lots of creative inspiration for the lines here.


weze said...

yesterday was a very special day for all of us! Love that people are coming together regardless of race and love that our belief in God is a spoken word and not hidden! We do live in a free world!

Danielle said...

OMG, what amazing photos!!!! I love them all! And that Collage Press is to die for...I will have to get me some of that. Love it to pieces!!

Miss Em said...

Awesome photos! It was quite an amazing event. Such a wonderful time in history.

Audrey Pettit said...

Yesterday was an amazing day, wasn't it? I was glued to the tv watching history unfold.
Your beach photos are absolutely amazing! And of course that family is as cute as can be.
thanks for the sneaks. LOVE this time of year!

Daniela said...

Awesome photos! I spent most of the day watching TV yesterday, too.
Collage Press looks great!

Chasity Grace said...

really like the photos you took of the family. super cute!

LoRi said...

Amazing photos, Julie! You did such a great job!

TheShermanFam said...

Great photos! And, WOW-WEE...Mom looks GREAT after having 5 babies!!

melita said...

gorgeous photos Julie! i think you are well on your way to becoming a "real photographer!"

Staci said...

I'm with you - I thoroughly enjoyed watching the inauguration and all the festivities! Wow, you did an amazing job with those photos! That one of them jumping is my fav - sooo cool!

Christine said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos you took of Thane and Becky's family! I just love the one with all of them jumping together...so fun!

I'll be praying that God will allow your dream to become a professional photographer to come true!

BTW, did you go to CHA? I was there on Sunday only. If you ever come out this way again (southern California), please remember to let me know! I would love to get together and meet you! :-D



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