Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Julies Kreative Korner ( Etsy shop!!)

Wow....I can't believe how quick this week flew by! I have so much to share. I've been wanting to start my own Etsy shop and I finally did!! I still need to create a banner, figure out the link, and list some more items but I since I do have somethings already listed, I thought I'd give you the link. My shop name is called, Julie'sKreativeKorner and you can find it right here! I'm pretty excited about and will be adding many more things next week.

This past week the kiddos have been so sick with fever's and cold icky's. The last few days, I feel like I'm coming down with it. Today, my brother Jon and his family and my brother Mitch, are coming down from Canada to visit. I'm very exciting to see them! It's been a while since they've been here. With having company and not feeling well on top of it, I don't know how much I'll be able to add in the next few days.

Kelsey had her big 5th birthday. It was so much fun! Well....most of it. She was not feeling well and actually started crying when it was time for her to blow out the candles. I think she just couldn't handle all the attention. Poor thing! She did, however, recover in time to have fun opening her presents!! I was very excited to share some photos but my camera is in Arte's car and he is at work!!

Kelsey's lil' cousin Tanner, also has a birthday this week. We got to celebrate Tanner turning 3 as well. He is all into superman and I have some great shots of that as well. Sometime soon....LOL!

Have you heard of Erin Manning?? She is an amazing photographer. A few weeks back she had a live chat on the Fiskars board. It was so very insightful! At the end, she challenged us with a photo contest using some of the techniques that she covered. I was so excited to read that she did a special critique on each person who entered the contest and also to find out that I was the winner!! I've heard her book Portrait and Candid Photography, is amazing and I'm hoping to get a copy soon!!

Here are is the photo I used. I was trying to take some photos of Kelsey but she was just sick and not feeling well. I was working on lighting, angle and background. I could not get a natural look from her when I had the special board in the back. Finally when I told her, 'okay, no more pictures,' she finally relaxed and started to giggle. That's when I got the shot of her laying on my bed. Natural is always best!!

Hopefully I'll some great birthday shots and a fun project I'll be able to upload when I get my camera back. I really do use my Canon every day and it's feels so strange to be without it!
And one more piece of exciting news. Spellbinders is on QVC today!! I don't know if you might be in the market for a die cut machine but if you are, I would definetly consider this amazing deal. These 10 dies have been made exclusively for QVC and are actually included with the machine. What a bonus!!
I also wanted to give a quick update on Bryce, our youth leader. Arte and I were able to go visit him a couple of times. Since my last post about him, he has had to have another surgery and then an emergency surgery. He's recovering but he still needs prayer. They were hoping to release him today but he needs to be able to keep food down before he is released. His family has endured so much and they have such amazingly great attitudes. I know the Lord is working a miracle in their hearts. Kaylee and Bryce have become so strong through all of this and it's really neat to see. Thank you for the prayers that have gone up for them.
Have a fantastic Wednesday!!


Nicole said...

Sweet photo, Julie!

I am bummed that I forgot all about QVC today. :(

Wendy Kwok said...

Congrats of your etsy shop.... so cool!

Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO on your Etsy!! SO excited for you!! I've got you bookmarked my dear! :D

I love that photo!!!
Hope you're having a wonderful week!


valken said...

Well Congratulation on your Etsy! I love all your items, thanks for the info about QVC. Have a fun weekend! An stay well

Anabelle said...

What a stunning photo!! Best of luck with your Etsy shop. I'm definitely going to check it out.

Chrys said...

Good luck with your Etsy!!!!! I need to get back to mine again...

Staci said...

Gorgeous photo, congrats on winning the contest, julie! and big congrats on the shop, can't wait to check it out!

Leigh said...

Congratulations on your new etsy shop! Best wishes to you with this new endeavour!!

Juliana said...

Hugs and prayers for everyone to get well soon!
Thanks for the info about the photography book by Erin Manning. I am always looking for a good book and to learn more in this area!
I hope you have a good visit with you family this weekend!


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