Friday, April 3, 2009

Isn't he adorable??

This is my lil' bro....isn't he cute?? Just wanted to share some quick photos that we took while they visited. My older brother was so very sick most the time he was here so we didn't many shots of him. The others that we got are on a card that seems to be 'broken.' We are still trying to retrieve them. I could have taken shots for hours while we were here at this beach. I've tried to narrow it down to just a few! LOL!!

This is one of my favorites. All that white in the background is a big wave crashing up. I know that it is completely over exposed and it's hard to make anything out. But, to me, it looks like he is completely in awe, worshipping our God of the Universe. I'm quite certain that is what he was doing! It's pretty hard to visit the Oregon coast and not fall on your knees in awe of the splendor of His majesty.

I've been working quite a bit this week(7th graders again!?!! I'm still recovering...j/k!) Not much crafting done. I'll have more to share in a few days. I'm very looking forward to the new Collage Press goodies that is being sent to me real soon.

I'm off to finish planning for a women's event tonight.

Hope you are having a spectacular Friday!!


valken said...

I love that song on your blog. So sorry to hear about the pictures. He is an awsome bro, your right.

Anabelle said...

OOh, Julie! Those photos are absolutely amazing!

Juliana said...

He is adorable!!!
Love love love those photos! Especially the close up of the wave crashing in!

Julie said...

Wow! Beautiful photos and I love that sea foam one!!

ellen s. said...

oh man, that one with the spray/foam from teh ocean is gorgeous

Laurence said...

Wow these pictures are fabulous !

Danielle said...

I love your pics here. wow! wishing you a happy easter!


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