Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Weekend

BIG NEWS!!! My very dear friend Jodi had her little boy last night! I got the call right before I went to bed. I'm so excited for her and we are off to the hospital to meet him in just a little bit.

My youngest sweet pea has her very first Nutcracker debut this weekend. She has been saying, 'I don't want to go on the stage, I don't want to go on the stage!!' And then finally, this week after their 'introduction' to the theatre, she came bursting through the door and she screamed, ' Mommy, I went on the stage!!!' She was so proud of herself. I'm so looking forward to the seeing the production. We also have soccer and a fising derby. Yup, another full weekend.

I wanted to share a bit of fun news is that CARDS Idea book picked up one of my Jilly Bean soup cards for their October issue....yay!! I was very pleased.

Here is a sneak peak on a little somethin' I'm working on. Most of the projects that I'm doing right now I can't share and that is soooo very hard!!

Early this week, I was teaching in a school that I hadn't been to for a while and I was in a 5th grade class. Part of my lesson was to read over the TIME for Kids magazines that were in the class. MUCH to my surprise, I opened it up and saw this!

I bursted out with ''s Stephanie's 'J!' All the kid's were like...huh??? I told them that this was my friend's hubby and gave them the whole story. It actually became quite emotional for me. Even though I haven't yet the opportunity to meet Stephanie in person, she was one of my very first sources of encouragement and inspiration when I joined my first message board. I have watched her soar to the top of the scrapbooking world, and begin raising her two sweet baby girls, as her heroic hubby has been overseas leading troops on the frontlines. They are both so very brave and I have so much respect for them. Having the opportunity to speak to the students a bit about what is going on in our world and to bring it to a personal level was really quite amazing. Quite often, we can get so busy and live in our little 'bubble' and forget about all the amazing things going on in our world. I thank God that he placed me in that class on this day. It was such a neat experience for me.

So, if you need a good dose of inspiration, spiritually, intellectually, or for your artwork, you need to check out Stephanie Howell's blog. BUT, you will want to grab a box of kleenex. LOL!! (no worries...good tears) To Jimmy and Stephanie both, thank you for your enormous sacrifice and all you do for our country.


stephanie howell said...

you are a DOLL.
a. congrats on the pub. you deserve all the success you are getting. every bit of it.
b. i had heard about this, but hadn't seen it. thank you so much for posting a photo!!
c. your sweet words made my day, my friend. xo

Nicole said...

Very Cool Julie. Those kids got a special lesson that day! Congrats on the CARDS Pub.

KimmyS said...

I totally agree with you on Stephanie. I adore her blog!
And how cool for you to be able to talk to the kids about something that is close to your heart as well

Garsy said...

First of all thank you Stephanie and hubby! What you in the military and your families have to deal with on a daily basis is amazing and totally mind boggling to me.

Julie - How special for you to be able to share the this special lesson with 5th graders! I likely have this same TFK setting in my house somewhere! (My dd is a finalist in their poetry contest!)

Congrats on the CARDS publication!

Juliana said...

What an amazing story Julie! Stephanie is one amazing lady!!!
Congrats on your pub and I can't wait to see what you are working on...your peak looks awesome!

Andrea Amu said...

Yea! Congrats on your Cards pub!
I still for the life of me can NOT get into that or ST!

Anabelle said...

Congrats on the pub!!! And how cool that you saw the article. I love Stephanie and her work, too.

Heidi Blankenship said...

Julie, Congrats on your pub-that is fantastic!! WOW-What an amazing story! It is so wonderful that you could be there on that very day to share something so personal with all of those kids!


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