Thursday, July 2, 2009

Too. Much. Fun.

So much goodness I just don't know where to start. We just got back last night from Portland where I was taking that photography class. I loooooved it and got to apply it in action today which you'll get to see in a bit. In my mail box were two new sets of very fun stamps from JustRite. I thought we had some more coming but I wasn't sure so it was a very fun surprise. And of course, more of the new CHA dies from Spellbinders which I can't share but you are all going to LOVE!!

Before I woke up this morning, the kids were already crafting away with their new stack of construction paper that we got at Costco. Boy, I sure should have replenished that along time ago!! I really want to share with you what Ashley created. The hard part about designing is that right before a big show, you are creating so many fun projects but you can't share them yet! So, although I have some fun new projects, I'll be sharing my daughters today.

It's forth of July fire workers and I think it's more creative than anything I could ever put together!

I'm a manual girl!!! Huh? Let me explain. This morning, we head out to the church site to help with the demolition derby. Please keep in mind that I have just come back from this photograpy class. I was the only female there (even though at different times some of the women in the church have been helping.) So, I show up in my flip flops with my camera strapped to my side. Gloves go on. I toss a few pieces of scrap material...start reciting everything that I learned in my class in my head...gloves come off...I snap a few photos...gloves go back on....toss a few scraps....gloves come off...snap a few more shots... I am so sure that these guys in their construction boots thought that I was an absolute looney. I honestly could not concentrate on tossing wood because I was having so much fun with my aperature and shutter settings. Every photo I took was in manual and you have no idea how excited I am to say that. To a lot of you, that means nothing. To me, a whole nother field of creativity has just been sparked. I have a bazzillion shots to share and I know that there are some readers who are very interested. The rest of you, bare with me as I share our exciting journey through a mass reconstruction.

But, before I do, I have more fun news to share. So, after we finish at the church, we pull up to the step and I recognize the pizza boxes sitting on my step and I'm so thrilled. The funny thing is, while we were in Portland, I had to run into a craft store (ya know...just had to!) and find a May CARDS magazine. I've been trying to update my Scrapbook Resume and I had it down that I had a project in that issue but I could not for the life of me remember what it was. So.....I found it in the store. It's still so fun seeing your work in print.

As you may have guessed, the two boxes were actually four of my returned projects. Unfortunately, one of the boxes had an apology letter saying that they had sold all their issues of the Scrapbook Trends Stamping book and weren't able to send it to me. They sent me two other books and lots of scrapbook supplies but I'm telling you I was most looking forward to this issue. I don't even have a place close by that sells it. They gave me a link to view it online and I will but it's not the same as having your own copy. I was very dissapointed but I sure understand that mistakes happen. Now I have 6 new magazine/books to look at. I'm going on a big road trip tomorrow to send my son to camp. Too bad I'm the one driving! LOL!

It's so funny because I looked and looked at this card below and thought, 'how odd, that's not even balanced and doesn't look like something I'd create.' LOL I just now opened the 'returned' bag and saw that pieces must have fallen off and never got put back on. Hmmmm.....I must use more glue dots!

This one is my favorite. I just love how they staged it.

Now for the moment I know you've all been waiting for...he he....the demolition photos. Boys and their toys you know!! I'm trying to scale down on the amount I share because I took a ton. I know this post has been so long already! Also....these are unedited...and remember, I'm 'playing' in manual, I'm not a professional quite yet! LOL!

So, does anyone know of a good line of paper that would be perfect for a remodel?? I feel a mini album comin' on! LOL!


Rebecca said...

How cool that you were able to take a photog class in Portland! I love your dd's card :) Great photos of the construction work!

Tona said...

Congrats on all your publications.
Your pictures turned out great. I love the angle you took the photos in & the clarity is fantastic.What camera do you use?
Your daughters card was great too. I think there's a good possibility that both she & you will be on design teams in the future.

Heather Prins said...

cool pub!!!

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

congrats on all of your publications - that is so awesome!! and your dd's card is adorable! thx for sharing & have a great weekend!! :) smiles, m-

ellen s. said...

they look great! i love how they stage stuff. if i see one of the stamping books i will let you know, maybe i can send it to you. i will heead to michaels next week.

Nicole said...

Congrats on your pubs and yay for becoming a manual girl! I'm a 99% manual girl myself!! I love having all the control! :)

Lucy Edson said...

What a sweet gift! I'll bet your heart just melted!!

Congrats on your pubs! It is always so exciting to see your work in print!

Good luck on the renovations - how about the MLS papers with the little houses and trees, for a mini?


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