Friday, February 5, 2010

Be Free….to be you

Be Free

Love this photo of my sweet, youngest daughter playing on a rope swing this past summer.  This was simple, but elegant layout that I wanted to create to bring emphasis to the movement of the photo. 

Just a quick post today.  But I can’t leave without sharing a funny story.  The sun has finally arrived here on the Oregon coast and the yard has been calling my name today!  So, my sweetie pie and I were out workin’ in the flower beds.  I was trimming the rose bushes and she was pulling the ‘wheat thins.’  Over and over again, she kept calling them ‘wheat thins.’  ‘Honey….they are weeDS.’  ‘I know Mom.’  ‘Hey Mom, LOOK at how big this wheat thin is.  DAH!  I mean weeD!’  She was totally not doing it on purpose which is what made it so very hilarious.  Nothing like a  bit of sunshine and laughter!


EileenMV said...

Your layout is beautiful! Love the flowers! Such a cute story too!

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Julie - this layout is just beautiful

Juliana said...

I totally love this LO! LOVE IT!!! Oh how I can not wait for spring!

jana said...

This was by far the best Card i looked at today.. Lots of layouts out there, but I love this one!!! A true ray of sunshine. I been looking at cards all day.. Love the layout.. Thanks for sharing


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