Friday, March 19, 2010

Ribbon Festival


Do you know what I love about Spellbinders™?  10 minute cards.  Seriously, I needed a super quick baby card today before running out to school and I was able to do this in probably 7 minutes.  No sewing or distressing.  Quite plain….but done!  LOL Do you ever have those ‘AH!!  I need a card!!!’ moments?  It’s great to have them on hand, but when you don’t, I love to have a quick back up plan! 

So here are the photos I wanted to share with you from the weekend.

ribbon 2010 ashley avery



ribbon 2010 AJ


These photos are so precious to me.  This is the first time our kids played in front of an audience.  The teacher kept saying it would be very casual and not many people.  There would be different things going on in different rooms and people coming in and out.  This photo above is in the lobby of the performing arts theater.  BUT, then we got to the duets and they were on the main stage on this beautiful grand!  *gasp!*  That didn’t seem very informal to me at all!  It was so absolutely amazing and both the kids did fantastic.  Ashley played a duet with her good friend Avery.  A.J. did a duet with his teacher. Then they both did their memorized piece.  I was so proud of them! 



We went to the most beautiful place in the world for Ashley’s field trip today.  I can’t wait to share those photos….it’ll have to wait.  We are off to a celebration!

Oh!  And speaking of celebrations, I can hardly believe this blog has nearly had 50,000 hits!  As it reaches that (in the next day or two) I will be posting a give-away with some Spellbinders™ goodies. 

Have a fabulous weekend!  Spring break!  WAHOO!!  We have a ton of stuff planned and I’m so excited!!!


Color me blingy! said...

Julie, I know exactly how you feel and can remember the first time Zach played on that very same stage. He was among one of the first students to play that new grand piano in a performance situation.....and he STILL talks about the excitement of that day! We recently attended the OMTA scholarship performance that they pt on each year to raise funds for student scholarships. That was a great night! Currently, Zach is teaching himself Rhapsody in Blues. Two weeks in an he has the first page of sheet music memorized. Only 10 more pages to go and he will have the piece tackled. Yikes! :) Thanks for posting the pics of the kiddos....great times for sure

Tona said...

That baby card is too cute & how great that you had a special family moment.You got some great photos.


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