Friday, October 29, 2010

Touching Lives

I really can’t believe it’s been nine days since I blogged! Yikes!  My lil’ fingers have been busy though!  I’ve been preparing for our ladies retreat that happened this past weekend.  I was getting these little welcome bags ready.


I’m so grateful for my sweet friend Nikki who helped me so very much with all of these!  They were fun to make but took a while. 

I was also preparing the song lists for our worship time.  It was the first time I have ever led the singing from the piano for the entire weekend.  God met us in a very special way and it was incredibly rewarding.  We had an amazing guest speaker named Peggy who flew up from California.  What a powerful testimony she has!  I know that the Lord used her to work in the hearts of every single gal who was there.  It was also fun for me to see her and spend some time bonding together. 

I’ve been reminded this week and again today of the bigger picture, asking myself what is my purpose?  I’m so very inspired by the story that the ladies from Spellbinders have shared on their blog about their trip to Haiti.  The third part to their story has been posted today and it is so touching.  It’s amazing how when you give up your own comforts to minister to others you are the one in return who ends up being touched.  It’s a win win for sure. 

As the wonderful season of Thanksgiving and Christ’s birthday is upon us, there are many opportunities to bless those around us and those less fortunate in third world countries.  Spellbinder’s has partnered up with the company Global Family Philanthropy.  Another one is Samaritan’s Purse.   They have a special outreach at Christmas time that our church is participating called Operation Christmas Child.  It’s such a great opportunity to have children go by a few essentials and fun little toys to send to someone over seas who may have never received a present in their life.  Both of these organizations have many different levels of involvement and you can check them out by reading clicking on their names above. 

Although I am always sad to see the somewhat warm weather leave us, I do love this time of year as we enter into a season of giving.  And then, just around the corner is Spring!  ; )  Just thought I’d leave you today with a Spring card that I made with one of my new favorite stamps.  A dear friend recently bought it for me and I just LOVE it!  Loving all things doilies right now!  The flower is made with the Spellbinders Blossoms Two die template.

Happy Spring

I’m so glad you didn’t give up on me after nine days of not posting.  More to come!! 

Have a totally fab day!


Valerie said...

Spring around the corner! What a great thought. Your dollie is awsome and I love the flower. Happy your weekend was a success!

Lisa Dorsey said...

sounds like you have spent your time away from your blog perfectly. Gorgeous projects!

ellen s. said...

i love love that doilie stamp! it is gorgeous gorgeous. love your cards. i have been reading the haiti posts...they are so inspirational

Leigh said...

Great cards, Julie! I'm loving doilies right now, too. I just ordered (& received) a Maya Road doilie border stamp set-- very pretty!

Lynn said...

beautiful cards. and inspiration is all around.

Kim said...

Gorgeous card Julie, you have been given such a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing it with all of us! And thank you for sharing our Haiti story with your readers. What you said is so powerful and true...

It’s amazing how when you give up your own comforts to minister to others you are the one in return who ends up being touched.


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