Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I’m back!

I have a card to show you!!  *gasp* It’s even a spring, butterfly one!

butterfly frame

I’m sure you probably think I fell off the face of blogger Earth.  Really, I have just been so busy.

With this…..


And this….


And this has been my new assistant…

IMG_1313 copy

which has helped me with this…

Ellie 2


Ellie 3 wm

Isn’t she a doll!

I’ve also been busy playing with all the amazing shots that this sweet graduate posed for!  She was brilliant!

A P 22 wm

A P 27 wm

A P 5

A P 3

A P 14

I’m absolutely ecstatic about our addition and my new room!  We’ve been picking out paint, fixtures, carpet and many more exciting things!  For this week, the crafting has been put on hault but I will be back into the swing of things soon.  Actually, I’m expecting an enormous box of Cross Promo products that I will be getting to use for my Spellbinder’s projects.  That will make me want to get creating like crazy! 

It’s been interesting having no living room and not much dining room.  Everyone hangs in our room most the time.  LOL  We have heat in here.  he he….

Thanks for swinging by and not giving up on me! 


Margie H said...

Wow! Great addition, Julie - congrats! Wonderful pictures too. Have a great Thursday :0)

JULIANA said...

The addition looks like it is coming along well and you look like you have some adorable help!!! Great photos and gorgeous card!

JULIANA said...

Happy Easter Julie!!!

Leigh said...

Glad to hear you're alive and well! Your new addition looks great and the photos you took are wonderful!
Wishing you a happy Easter!

marla said...

What a great addition and how fun to have a new area to create in!! Cant wait to see finished photos and how you organize all your goodies!!

Valerie said...

Fun to see your pictures and your card was pretty too. Hope you are having a amazing Easter weekend!

bethann said...

great card. lovely girls and you'll be thrilled when construction is done


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