Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30 Second Card

It’s hard to believe I know, but it’s for real!  I made this card in 30 seconds!  Do you keep your scraps and die cuts that you end up not using?  I have a drawer full of them.  I just toss what ever pieces I ended up not using into it.  My drawer was getting a little full!


I was getting some cards packaged up and ready to drop off at a local shop where I sell my cards when I decided I would quickly put some extra cards together using ‘leftovers.’  For this card, all of these die cuts and paper where already sitting on craft table (along with many others!)  Even the card base was cut out and inked already!  Some of these shapes I cut out two years ago.  Yikes!  The great thing about Spellbinders die templates is you can layer and layer them to make a quick, great card! 

Not a lot of design thought went into this card but it works!  I would encourage you to keep all the little die cuts that you cut out and decide not to use.  They may just come in handy some day! 


Sometimes use extra die templates for tags on my kids’ lunches or for quick notes that I write them and put in their lunch bag.  They are certainly always good to have on hand!
I’m so Grateful For YOu!


Roseanne said...

Pretty nifty little idea!! I love when something sparks and turns out so great!! Thanks for sharing

Tona said...

Wow! This is one fantastic 30 second card. Thanks for the inspiration.


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