Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey everyone!  Where has the time gone? I can't believe that Father's day is right around the corner!  That got me to thinking, I never did share my Mother's Day card that I made for my Mother-in-law!  This lady has been a pillar of strength and such a source of inspiration for me over the years.  I wanted to make her a special card and I stepped out of my box for this one a bit.  I used untraditional colors and I did quite a bit of stamping, embossing and inking!  

Hopefully I will get a Father's Day card one and maybe have it in time to share as well!  It's my Grandma's Birthday week and we are celebrating this week so I'll be putting together something pretty to celebrate her ninety......95? birthday I think!  Wow!  She is one amazing woman.

Speaking of amazing.  I have to brag on my daughter for just a bit.  Proud Mama moment..sorry!  All these years that Ashley has played soccer we knew she had speed like the wind.  When we moved to Canada it turned out that they start track and field in forth grade.  So, this 10 year old qualified for districts in 100 meter and then a few weeks later, went on to first place out of 22 schools.  She was crazy excited.  My grin was pretty big as well.  ; )

Thanks for letting me share!  Hope you have a fabby day!


Margie H said...

I'm sure your MIL will LOVE it because it's beautiful :) Great colors and stamping!

Again, congrats to the future Olympian! LOL! What a proud mama moment for sure!

Valerie said...

Your card is lovely and congrats to your amazingly fast daughter. Great picture of her,too.

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, Julie! Your daughter is SO beautiful! And what an amazing victory for her! Super huge congrats!
LOVE your card, too! Adore the color combo and your stamping and embossing is stunning!

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

love the story about your daughter!!! What an accomplishment. hugs. Miss you

Anonymous said...

I love using butterflies so especially liked this one. I will have to try the glue/glitter thing on the wings.


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