Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Cowboy Cookies

Winter is here!!  We woke up to a bit of snow yesterday and it was so fun to see the valley laced in white.
The kids and I have been preparing for a few weeks for the Christmas Bizarre at our church.  It was a fundraiser for the youth missions trip.  Luckily, all the food prep was done before I came down with this nasty cold (I don't even want to tell you how many bags of cough drops I've been through!)  Anyhoo...we made lots of different things.  This is just one of the items we had for sale.  They are Cowboy Christmas Cookies.  Everything measured for you in a jar and instructions on the back of a tag.  Totally cute gift right?  Um...lets just say the dipped pretzel sticks were the star of the show!

The tag on the front of the jar is a Spellbinders die stamped with my favorite JustRite stamp.  My inspiration came from this beautiful post.  I totally would have done cowgirl cookies but I couldn't find pink m&m's anywhere!!

That's it for today! More Christmas cards share soon.  Have a beautiful day!

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Colleen said...

These make wonderful items to put in gift basket or given just as is.
The pink M&M's are usually found during Cancer Awareness Month(October) but for Christmas a person could always use the red and green ones.


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