Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A bit of excitement.

Although I was still feeling sick during NSD and I didn't get to join any 'scrappy' events, I did finish a few online challenges. So, even though this was the looooooongest most boring week of my life as I lay in bed sick, it ended with quite a few things taking place!

On Friday, I got my 3rd Happy box. 3 in THREE weeks!!! It's been like Christmas around here! So, every time I get published, not only do they send 2 copies of the fabulous magazine, they also send a bunch of wonderful goodies. I blogged earlier about the Embellish one that I got. Next came CARDS and now I just got Scrapbook Trends May. Soooo very fun. I just had to share:

Page 87

Page 27

When I got the box with this magazine in it, I was just thrilled. It's a two page spread because it begins a new section in the book. It was quite a moment for me, to open it up and see my two worlds of passions colliding together.

Page 93

That was a bit of 'on the side' excitment over the last few weeks. Nice lil' 'pick me up' when I was feeling so aweful!

Another cool thing that we got to do on Saturday was watch A.J. participate in his first run ever! Then we left on Sunday and drove to Washington for a time of celebration. Can't wait to post some photos of both of those. I will try to do that in the next day or so.

For now, I need to finish unpacking!

Hope you all had a wonderful NSD!!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Pearl said...

These card & layout creations are just beautiful !

Patti Smith said...

Congrat Julie that is just awesome...the card and layout are just beautful....glad you are feeling better!!

Kelly Jo said...

Congrats, Julie! That is wonderful and all your projects are beautiful. =)

Deanna said...

Wow! Congratulations Julie!

Your work is amazing!

Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Hi - I was just looking through this May issue again and saw your page, so I had to get online and google your name to see if you had a blog so I could send a link to my daughters. My oldest daughter plays and it would be so fun to do a layout like this for her! Thanks for sharing...


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