Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogging Again.

It does feel good to blog again. I have to give my friend Melanie from Piggy Tales the credit. She brought it to my attention that it was definitely time to update and it WAS! LOL! She also motivated me by tagging me. This is one amazingly talented gal that you can find in many, many magazines. Check our Melanie's blog and you'll see what I mean!

I wanted to share today the latest little album that I made before my big journey. I completed it for my Piggy Tales assignment and much to my surprise, won for the month! When I receive my goodies I will be sure to post them for you to see. The album I did was of Kelsey and her very good friend who moved away to California. I took these photos the day she was leaving. sniff sniff. Here are just a few pages of it. Our theme was supposed to be 'the Little Things'

 for 6 Random Facts about myself. This is the part that's hard about being tagged! LOL!

1) I wear ladies size 5 or children's size 3 shoes. This summer, my 4 year old bought shoes to match mine. =)

2) I am Canadian and married an American which is why we live in Oregon.

3) I used to hate coffee (the shock I know!) but whenever I went out with Arte before we were married, I would always hold his coffee mug to get warm. The occassional sips to get warm on the inside got me hooked!

4) In 1996, Arte and I attended the Olympics in Atlanta to watch my best friend's husband compete.

5) While growing up, the ice rink was my second home. My two brothers playing hockey and me taking figure skating lessons.

6) I'm allergic to avacado!!!

Phew...okay. Time to tag some of you lucky ducks.

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melita said...

So glad to see you posting again Julie and beautiful mini-album! I also really like the LO you chose to enter into the contest at your LSS! Good luck!

Becky Heisler said...

Hey Ms.Janet O... what am I going to do with you ? LOL I will try and get your tag up on my blog by tomorrow night! Lovin' your work girly, you rocked that PT mini album, congrats on winning this month! YAY

Melanie said...

oooh - I love reading about you. Guess what - my mom is Canadian and married an amercian. What part of Canada are you from? My mom is from Ontario.

Your book is awesome!

Patti Smith said...

I have missed you sounds like you had a really busy month. Love the mini album and the lo's are awesome as always...oh and thanks for the tag!!!hehehe
Oh and congrats on the win....

jakey said...

That is one adorable mini book... and I love the pics of your trip. Everyone looks like they're having a blast :-)

jk x


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