Monday, August 25, 2008

Midnight Kisses - HG

So, we all have it. That paper that you don't want to use because it's gorgeous, you couldn't possibly cut into it! I finally cut into my Midnight Kisses paper. Barely! Ha! I was doing a fast srap for the crop this weekend. That means you have about an hour to complete it. Well, I had about half an hour by the time you count uploading it ect. So..this is a quick page but I still think it turned out okay. It's a terrible photo of it because of course I was taking it late at night!

The only other page I started to work on was for this photo. I tried and tried for about a whole 20 minutes but it just wasn't coming together how I wanted it to. I couldn't find the one pack of embellies that I wanted to use. Honestly, I thought I knew where EVERYTHING was in my scrap room. Everything except my pack of BG chipboard that is!! LOL!!

So, I've decided. No more scrappin' until I clean up my mounds of messes. Seriously it us incredibly out of control. Lucy can testify to that! Maybe by next weekend I'll have this 'PURE delight' ice cream cone page done. Doesn't she just make you want to eat ice cream?

********WARNING************* This next photo is quite alarming!!

A few of my family members wanted to see this. It's still shocking to me. Kelsey had a little 'accident' right before I left on my great adventure (oh, you better believe it was hard to leave after that!) Of course she was fine. Can't you see her smiling?? She is the toughest girl I know! But doesn't it look painful?????? OUCH!! By the time I came back(a week later..there wasn't even a mark!)

Don't forget to check out the previous post if you want to have a chance at the giveaway I'm doing on Friday.

Have a happy week!!


Chrys said...

great layout! yeah, I've had to tell myself the same thing, so last night I really cleaned my studio...and today I get to play! :) oUch!!! that looks painful!

Nicole said...

That lo is just too sweet! What a beautiful pic!

Jackie said...

Great layout and one precious lil girl!

Staci said...

Aww, poor little thing! What a trooper! I'm impressed with your fast layout! I could never scrap that quickly so mine would have been a blank piece of pp, lol!

Patti Smith said...

Oh sweet baby what a boo-boo....I know it was hard to leave her with that pitiful little face but that smile said it all!!!! Great layout as always Julie...can't wait to see what you do with the "ice cream cone" layout....

valken said...

very cute. That does look pretty painful. m Glad she got over it quickly.


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