Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I created this layout using mostly My Little Yellow Bycicle products. This is my sweet son. I have to say, he truly is extreme about some things. In a good way! For instance, he and I went on a run the other day. We decided to try out a loop that goes by the ocean. We had no idea that it was 6.8 miles. I'm sure he could have run the entire way and kept on going. He totally surprised me! I had to walk the last to miles. LOL I should have remembered that he runs nearly every day at school, but all I could think was that 'he's just a kid!' There is definitely some races in his future. He wants to work up to 10 miles. Yikes! Pray he finds another running partner. I will never survive! LOL

On another note, I just want to thank God for the amazing country we live in and for all the soldiers who are and who have sacrificed so very much for our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day my friends!


Kathy Martin said...

Cool page! :)

Leigh said...

Love this layout, Julie!

Tona said...

Love everything about this layout! It's fantastic!!

Valerie said...

say hi to aj for me


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