Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabulous Fall

beach 2

Happy Friday everyone!!  I had a bit of time *gasp* to do a bit of blog hopping and I’m loving all the daily gratitude reads.  I’m a bit behind and can’t promise that I will be blogging daily but I’d love to share 12 things that I am grateful for!  That catches me up to Nov. 12th…..counting down to Thanksgiving day.  ; )

I am grateful for:

1)  The majestic sounds and beauty of the ocean.
2)  My amazing husband who loves me unconditionally.
3)  Four day weekends that slow us down so we can spend time together as a family.
4)  All the brave men and women who serve this nation.
5)  The mystery guest who gave my yard a make over.  ; )
6)  The word of God that brings life to my thirsty soul!
7)  All things chocolate.
8)  Music and all the different ways it is an inspiration in my family.
9)  My three precious gifts who are truly the best kids ever.
10) The paper crafting community that has given so much to me in the form of friendships and inspiration.
11) Our fabulous church and friends who have graciously accepted us and taken us as their own over the past six years.
12) Sunshine!!

beach 1

Both of these photos are unedited and were taken five minutes from my house.  We are so blessed! 

I wanted to share something else without shocking too many of my local readers.  I’m loving all things fall and even though we don’t get the change of color in trees, we find other ways to feel like fall.  GUESS what I made…..hold on to your hats……this!


I promise you, I did!!  The kids even helped me.  Please don’t ask me how it tastes but ya know, not bad for not having made one in …..I won’t say how long.  My poor deprived hubby.  Not anymore!  I’m a kick!  I even tried to sew a purse with my daughter today.  For real.  Notice I’m not posting a photo of it.  One thing I am certain of, if I put all my paper crafting aside, creativity would still try and ooze out in some other form.  I just know it!  And trust me, you don’t want it to be in sewing fabric!  LOL 

So, for now, I’m sticking to the paper.  Here is a fallish card full of Melissa Frances yummy paper. 


I used the Spellbinders™ Labels Fourteen die template to cut out the sentiment and then the largest one to cut out the label stamp.  The stamp came to me from Laura of Layers of Color.  She has several stamps made to fit in Spellbinders die templates.  So fun!


On more thing that I have to say I am especially grateful for right now (just in case I don’t post tomorrow…the 13th; ) . )  I am so grateful for a very exciting happy email that I was holding my breath for!  Totally made my day! 

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


Leigh said...

Great list of things for which you're thankful! I can agree with you on many of them!
Beautiful pictures and card, too! Those papers scream fall to me-- pure loveliness!

Valerie said...

The stamp inside the label is beautiful as is your card and the pictures. Wonderful work!

Sue Bridges said...

Such wonderful ideas! Love them all!

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Gorgeous card, Julie!!! I adore your beautiful style!

Lovely Linda said...

Hello Julie - what a beautiful post - we are the ones who had to 'gasp!' I love your card and the rich warm colours - they are perfect with that gorgeous frame and beautiful flowers! Thank for for the inspiration - on many levela! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}
Linda LOC Design Team

miatagal said...


Oh what a beautiful card. You are so creative and inspirational

Jennie.harper said...

Just beautiful Julie!! Love the way you layered the label and perfect dp with it.

Diana Queen said...

Wowee...this is a totally gorgeous card! ;D

SHELL said...

Another beautiful card!! I love your blog!! You create such beautiful cards and layouts.


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