Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My favorite day….


Wanna know what we were doing at 7 am in the morning?  Checking out the surprise we got from the Master Designer this morning!  We knew it would be cold because school was canceled.  Of course, I was thinking…sleep in day!!  Oh no, the kids where out in their PJ’s dancing in the snow!   In the past, school has been canceled due to icy roads and snow up river but not where we live here on the coast!  It has snowed one or two other times but has never stuck like this.  We were amazed to see the sky on fire as the sunrise grew.  Absolutely stunning against all the white we were seeing.

IMG_3126  The kids, who were barely dressed and definitely not properly dressed, hopped on their bikes right away because what would be more cool than riding your bike in snow??


Then it really started coming down and Ashley was jumping for joy!IMG_3210

Being Max’s first experience in the snow, he was showing just a tad and decided to try and catch the snowflakes that were higher than Ashley!


I knew it wouldn’t be too long before the snowball fights started!  (Remember…this is now maybe 8 am in the morning…I am clutching my coffee cup!)


Wasting no time at all, it was time to build their very first snowman in their own yard.  They’ve done it other places but they were so excited to be able to do it in front of our house. 


Kelsey says… “This is my best life ever!”  and then several minutes later, “it feels like we are in a dream!” 

I. am. soaking. it. up.



Truly, the ended up being more like ice sculptures as the snow began to melt and everything got quite icy.  He’s a bit sad looking but trust me…he’s happy and he is still standing!

Finally, in the house, cozy by the fire sipping hot chocolate.  We’ve had the fire going all day.  We’ve never done that before either!  It really feels like Christmas.  We played board games and created some art.  What a gift.  What memories. 


I do actually have some neat projects to share.  They will have to wait until tomorrow.  Having too much fun with our first ‘real snow day!’ 


Leigh said...

My kids have been disappointed every day since Halloween when they'd wake up in the morning to no snow. They were finally happy last Tuesday when it FINALLY snowed (late for Manitoba-- fine by me!)
Great pictures! Can't wait to see how you scrap them!

Valerie said...

Wow you really did get alot of snow. Fun pictures. To bad it got icy for you. Its 16 degrees below 0 here.

ellen s. said...

oh gosh how FUN! riding bikes in the snow looks awesome. i love love snow it is so fun and i am like a big kid,, LOL!


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