Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spellbinders Window Card and trip photos!

Window card final

Good morning! I finally got some of my photos edited! First, I wanted to share my card that I created for the Spellbinders™ Blog today. I stamped on transparency and added glitter. It was all inspired by the Birthday card my Mum gave me. Thanks Mum! There is a tutorial on the Spellbinders Blog where you can read more about how to create it.

Window Card 5

On to a little family business. The rest of my post is photo heavy so I apologize ahead of time! LOL I like to post photos for my family members to see but also it’s another way of documenting memories for me. Just in case I don’t get to scrapping them! And these are just a drop in the bucket compared to all the shots I took. I was so pleased to shoot our entire vacation in manual. Huge leaps for me!

Every summer it seems like we have an extraordinary trip to Canada. This year was no exception and seemed once again to rise above the rest.


Every day was blazing, hot pool weather and I loved every bit of it and as you can tell, so did a few other swimmers in the family!


Here we are at our favorite bakery appropriately named ‘Bliss.’ It’s right on the water front and I’m not sure it gets any better than this!


I wish I had gotten a photo of the restaurant that we went to on our Anniversary. It was divine! None the less, my Mum did snap a photo of us before we left to celebrate 16 years!! My sweet hubby brought me tears when he completely surprised me with the most gorgeous ring. The bliss continues….

Ashley ridiing

Of course the kids loved being on the farm and riding the horses. Always a highlight of the trip!

AJ riding

This year we even got to take two different camping trips. One with our good friends Tim and Karen and the second with my family up to a fishing lake.

fishing 3

It was surreal. There is no way to capture the beauty of it in a photo. It was exciting too! Right off the bat, Ashley caught three fish and was hooked!


Then there was this chickadee who wasn’t so sure about going on the boat at first but eventually she braved it. Either way, she was determined to have fun like she always does no matter where she is at!IMG_6016




This was a trip I’ll always remember. We even ended it with making pull taffy with my 90 year old grandmother!! She used to make it with us every summer when I was a kid. It meant so much to me.

Grandma great

If you made it this far, I have to say, thanks for stickin’ with me in this post and thank you for your patience as I’ve been gone and not had many updates.

Back to our regular scheduling!



Valerie said...

Bling really adds to your card, your instructions are appreciated thank you. Beautiful piece of art.

Leigh said...

Great photos and card, Julie! I'm not surprised that you had such a fabulous trip-- Canada is a wonderful country!

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

lovely card. Amazing photographs. Your kids are so darling! Love the photo of you and Artie. It's breathtaking! Also love the photo of you and your Grandmother. Brought tears to my eyes reading about making taffy with her again. ;)

Anonymous said...

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