Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year the card I will be giving my sweetheart reads, 'I'm so Grateful For You.'  The truth is when this day rolls around and many other days, I am so overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have such an incredible man of God in my life.  Without him, I know that I could never be where I am today.  He is loving, he is joyful, he is peaceful, he is patient, he is kind, he is good to me, he is faithful, he is gentle and he is self-controlled.   So, today, my heart isn't just gushing with love for him, it is gushing with gratefulness that the Lord allowed our paths to cross and that he is the one standing along side me in this life, cheering me on while emanating all of these qualities.

I pray your day is full of love, whether it be from your child, spouse, parent, friend or significant other!



Margie H said...

Such a beautiful card and post, Julie! Hope you two have a wonderful day together :) xo

Tonya said...

So pretty Julie! Happy Valentine's Day!

Colleen said...

Great looking card. Like the colors and layout

Rebecca W said...

What a wonderful card and thought. I too am very grateful for my sweetheart and God placing him in my life.

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

Loved reading your post Julie. Love your card too! Hugs


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