Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Becky Fleck Dies!!

I have you heard the news?  Spellbinders™ has teamed up with Becky Fleck and I couldn't be more thrilled!  If you're not familiar with Becky Fleck, let me tell you, she's amazing!!  She started out with a site called Page Maps several years ago and now she has her second sketch book out called Page Maps Two. She will be releasing a new die template set each month that coordinates with her sketches.  Love it!

Her first set to debut is called Office Supplies.  You can see it and an adorable layout that Kazan Clark created  using one of the sketches on the Spellbinders blog.

I have a rack of cards that I sell in our local Antique mall and my kids decided that with all these new die templates, they could whip out a card that looks good and sell it themselves so they can make some money!  We spent hours and hours together making cards to sell.  It was so cute to watch them as their eyes got big at the thought of earning some money (no worries...they still make cards just to give away too!)  But, this was one of those that I put together real quick.  You can see the Office Supply die template is embossed so deeply that when you ink the edges, it really brings it out.  I just love it!  Under neath is a bit of cardboard with some glitter and on top is just a heart sticker.  Quick five minute card.  

The die set that I'm giving away is still open until tomorrow night.  Check this post for details!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have an awesome day!


Colleen said...

Great looking card and can just about imagine the excitement your kids are having giving the opportunity to sell their very own cards that they make.

Rebecca W said...

Cute card! Good for the kids willing to do some work for money.

Tona said...

Spellbinders & Becky Fleck...what a great combination.

Valerie said...

Another great card. The die looks pretty amazing.

Linda Beeson said...

Completely adorable! I am madly in love with all of the new Spellbinder dies you are showing!!!


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