Monday, April 2, 2012

Miss You (terribly)

I don't know how it is possible for one person's life to have so many changes in a period of one week.  I know that the Lord will sustain me.  I almost feel like I'm walking in a blur but then I remember that poem 'Footprints.'  I think there was fog on that beach wasn't there?

Thank you to my blog readers for being so patient with me as I get settled in to my new life and new country.  I have a few things to post and then a fun announcement (because I can't seem to do a blog post without an announcement these days!)

First, I wanted to share a card just to express my heart.  I do feel like I am all the way across the world from my friends.  From those who I moved away from, I miss you terribly.  Terribly.  For those of you I haven't kept in good contact with because life has gotten crazy, busy...I miss you more than you can imagine.  For now, my focus has to be on getting my kids getting adjusted to their new surroundings and school.

And this card to wish a special someone Happy Birthday.  I used the new Spellbinders Square Swatch die templates to cut wood paper (that frames the button).  It's hard to tell from the photo but it turned out really neat looking.  

~ Announcement Time! ~

GCD Studios has some very exciting news!  They have just launched their first ever issue of The Paper Cut Magazine!

You can find the entire issue on the GCD Studios blog.  They did a fabulous job with it; you are in for a treat.

Well my sweet friends, I hope that there is not so much time in between my next post.  I will say that as we enter in this Easter week, I pray that you are able to reflect on what this holiday season means to you. 

Clingin' on to Jesus (for dear life,)


Scrappy Lucy said...

Can I just say, "back atcha?"

Prayers being sent across the miles, hearts linked through the One who loves us endlessly and knowing you are in good Hands....

Love you my dear friend!

Beautiful cards, BTW...:)

Kazan Clark said...

Wow those are some gorgeous cards - I especially love the first one. I know you are so busy that you barely have time to breath so I just want you to know that you are missed terribly too. Oh man I can't wait for you to get the best modern convenience ( a cell phone!!!!) so that i can get my daily Julie fix. Until then I will religiously (pun intended) stalk your blog, facebook and skype accounts so I can get a bit of news - any news will do!

lolita cardenas c. said...

muy lindas las 2 pero más la primera. felicidades!

Color me blingy! said...

Miss your cheery smile. Praying for the God that made you to continue to be the One to sustain you! What a whirlwind of a week, I am sure....but nothing is a whirlwind to Him. Stay tucked up under His wing and the wind can whirl away...while He holds you and yours safely in His arms. Praying for you a bot more than usual these days.....

Angela said...

Woww! i Love your work. those cards are amazing!! they are very sweet! If you dont mind me asking, what kind of map did you use for the "miss you" card? I've been trying to find this kind of map for ages and havent found it yet. :(
Again, wonderful work.. you are very talented!


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