Saturday, September 15, 2007

More gifts for Ashley!!!

Every 5 year old girl has 'stuff.' Plastic jewelry, secret notepads, fake fingernails, gum... ect. I'm feeling like Ashley's 'stuff' needs a home!!! It's just all over her dresser! So, earlier I shared a portable 'stuff keeper' that I made for her. Now I've altered a jewelry box to sit on her dresser. I picked up from Freddy's about 8 months ago. It had hidious colors so I painted it and altered it.

At CK Convention, this sweet lady gave me this shadow box to alter and told me to email a picture of it. This was also on m 'to do' list. I was quite excited. She had no idea what kind of crafter I was so I was quite honored. Then, when I was at my NEW lss in Newport that opened just this week(Tailored Made Memories,) I picked up this amazing Melissa Frances pattern paper and decided to make it a set. Can't wait to give this to my DEAR DAUGHTER!! Shhhhhh... two more weeks!

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