Saturday, September 8, 2007

First week of school!!

What a busy week! So much has happened! Ashley got to go meet her teacher on Tuesday. She was in her classroom for one hour with one other student who she knew from t-ball. Her real first day is on Monday but I couldn't wait until then to take pictures!! So, I'm sure I'll have a bunch more to share at that time. Our computer is broken right now so I don't have access to all my photos. A.J. started back Tuesday as well. I have pictures of him too and even started to scrap them but the digi prints are in my broken computer:( Ugh! Those 'puters!


Becky Heisler said...

Oh man, sorry to hear you puter is broke, I HATE when that happens! Hope your kids have a great first day today!!

Janice said...

Oh girly... what a bummer about your computer! I hope it's back up soon!! Have fun with the kids going back to school! It's such a fun time! Can't wait to see the photos!!


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