Sunday, November 18, 2007

2 cards published! Wahoo! AND I finally got my ALBUM done!

I'm having a lot of fun with my Noteworthy goodies. I was excited and shocked to find out on a SUNDAY?? that the two cards below were picked up by CARDS magazine. Wahoo!! That was so fun and I was so excited that I will have 2 in the same magazine. Haven't had that happen yet. Now I'm crossing my fingers for this mini album that I submitted. I focuse on each page and then went through and matched up something on the 'back' side. I wasn't even going to do anything on the back side but I had more photos so I decided to try it and see what happened. I had a LOT of fun making this album. I love having fun with my kids and that's what it is all about!
*My album got picked up too!!! WAHOO!!! So sorry if you didn't get a chance to see it*


Janice said...

WOW my friend! One Pub after another!! Yay!! This album is even more gorgeous than the last one! You have such an amazing talent!! Best of luck with this one! Hugs!

Nicole said...

Congrats on the Pub! Love the album!

melita said...

That's wonderful Julie! So excited for you and the album is fantastic!


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