Monday, November 12, 2007

How do I become a Fiskateer AND more photos!!

Some of you asked about how to become a 'fiskateer.' This is not some 'secret' club or something for those of you who were wondering! Fiskars has a blog and message board where a community of scrappers meet and share their ideas and words of encouragement. There are fun inspirational 'on-line' crops and interviews with scrapbooking celebs. There is no obligation once you join. Although, beware, you may be sucked into all the fun that goes on! So far there are over 2700 fiskateers and I'm quite certain that many more will be joining in the next few months. Oh... lil secret... once you join, you get a FABULOUS lil welcome gift in the mail that shows just how much Fiskars cares about their customers, enough to add a personal touch.

Once you visit click on 'how to join' One of the 4 leads will get you varified through email (which just means they want to make sure you are a real person and not some spammer person.) It doesn't make a difference who you choose. If you were wanting to take it one step further, there may be someone in your area (one of the Nifty Fifty) who became certified to train others to become Fiskars demonstrators. In this case, you would have possible opportunities to even get paid to do what we LOVE to do! Let one of us know if you want more information about that.

Now onto to the photos! I just had to post this photo of my sweet Ashley who, the night I got

home, decided to gather a pile of everything 'orange' that she owned. I thought it was so funny because I hadn't even told her the significance of us spreading the 'orange' fiskars Love all over San Antonio! I also had to post a photo of my new horse (craft cart) full of goodies and box full of scrappin' supplies. There's a photo of one of the most beautiful restaurants that we went to eat. During our boat tour of the river walk, I took this photo of one of the original buildings that were built in the city. I thought it was just so pretty! Stephanie said that her cheeks were hurting so bad on Saturday night from smiling so much! Had to take a picture! The rest are just of me and some new friends and our fun time croppin' together!

As far as my favorite Fiskars product goes, it's funny because as I was reading everyone's answers, I thought... 'well, ya... I really love that too!' It truly is hard to just say I have a favorite. I was pretty much hinting in my post toward the fact that they gave us alot of adhesive because I am SOOOO picky about my adhesive. And seriously, if you have not tried Fiskars adhesive yet... you are going to be AMAZED. It glides so perfectly and is so forgiving. I love that it is in sections so that you can easily to a tiny bit or a lot. It almost sounds crazy to say that it's my favorite fiskars product but you have to understand that it was an Awesome discovery for me. You see, I use my adhesive nearly EVERY day on nearly EVERYTHING that I'm working on so it's important to me for it to be very functional. So, valkenwill you are the winner of the new heart squeeze punch!
Lastly is a photo of me and my new dear friend Melanie. We hit it off right away since we're both Canadians, LOL! Really, we had more than that in common. She does scrapbooking for charity and I think it's such an AWESOME thing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Fiskars or becoming a Fiskateer.


Marti said...

I'm glad you had such a great time Julie and thanks for sharing your pics and stories with us!

melita said...

Great description and awesome pics! Did we get one together? I don't even know what pics I have! LOL! Guess I should take a look at them!

valken said...

WoW. I can hardly wait to get the squeeze punch, anxious to see the new adhevsives too. Thanks for the opportunity to win the rak.


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