Wednesday, October 22, 2008

300 + photos....

Been busy with life the last few days. Busy with babies, (not mine...other people's!) shoppin, enjoyin the fall weather (if that's what you can call it!)baking and taking LOTS O' photos!

It's not because I'm obsessed with my kids either. Honestly. I have a real love for photography and I'm trying to sharpen my skills. After taking over 300 photos in the last week (it's the perfect time of year!) I think I realize that I need to get serious about taking a course or picking up a good book on how to use the tools that I have. I know that today I had perfect lighting. But, a four year old will only go so far or go TOO far with your instructions 'turn your face toward the light, honey' (as she stares up to the lightbulb!) What a trooper. A lot of my photos are of Kelsey because the other kids are at school and we get to do more stuff together like, go for walks, explore in the forest ect. Today we went to a pumpkin hunt. The funny thing is that I just scrapped the photos from last year and my layout is in my previous post. So, here are some of the photos from a year later.

After the pumpkin hunt...we went to visit Dad in his office.

The lighting was perfect. However, I had my zoom lens and I couldn't get in front of her face. Regardless, it was adorable. Kelsey charged in there like she owned the place and started 'pretending' to answer the phones, and type out balance records.

Then she broke into a serious study...sudoku. Too funny!

Okay....I so SERIOUSLY have a bizzilion more! I really need to get scrapping some instead of taking so much time uploading. But, gotta keep the Grandparents happy. ;)

Just ONE more....well maybe three.

This one is of A.J. when we went hiking in the forest...isn't he handsome?

On Sunday, it was sooooo hot. The kids really didn't wear shorts all summer...but here we are in the middle of October and Ashley pulls out her shorts and tshirt! LOL!

Then the next day, Kelsey and I went to go for a walk. It had just been raining and it was FREEZING cold....definite hat weather! I took a series of photos of Kelsey on the walk in this cute combo. This one is my absolute fave and you will be seeing it with the others in a layout VERY soon!

So...those are just the cream of the crop. What do you do when you can't decide what photos to scrap first?

I haven't blogged in quite a few days. I also haven't scrapped in quite a few days. **gasp** I've been having too much fun playing with the kiddos and takin' photos! But I can't sign off without leaving a scrappy creation so here is a layout that I did a while back and is now posted on Triple the Sketch.

Thanks for stopping by and enduring all my photos!


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, what an amazing amount of photos you've been taking. I understand your quest for the perfect photo. I'm realizing more and more that I'm a lousy photographer and also that my camera doesn't take as good of photos as it should. hmmm......I get lots and lots of blur all the time.
I think it's wonderful you are taking the time to enjoy this wonderful time of year. Keep it up!

Jackie said...

Oh my oh my oh my, love love love those photos but that one of Kelsey behind the three pumpkins is my absolute fav!!!! I hope you scrap that one as a larger photo. :) Oh yeah, love your layout too.

Jennie said...

WOW 300 photos...I try and take at least one photo a day of the kids.
the only thing is im not very good at never mind in time I will get better Im sure, well time and a new camrea when I get it. lol. Love the LO as always you have made a fab job.

maddy hill said...

fabulous photos ! lovvvvvvve the last one in the pink hat and coat you HAVE to do that one first - its just soooo adorable !

Anabelle said...

These are all so wonderful! I love the candid shots. ;) And your layout is just DELISH!!!!

melita said...

fabulous photos! get to scrapping them! i totally agree with maddy...the pink hat and coat is my fave!!! and you should totally submit that LO to the BG gallery...that is BG right?

Michelle said...

love those photo's! it WILL be hard for you to choose what to scrap! Have you tried Costco new collage prints? I used them for a recent vacation. You can upload up to 30 photo's to a 12x18 print and it sizes them all diffrent. it's really fun!

Staci said...

That layout is gorgeous! And wow, you got some great photos! I especially love the pumpkin ones!


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