Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 10th....Official Overby 'Treat Invention' Day!

I's the 11th. But I can't wait to blog about the fun day we had yesterday!! It was gorgeous out and we got all ready to go to the beach. When we were there, we lost the sun for a bit but played anyway. I need to touch up some of the photos and then I'll share those later.

It was a Friday 'day off school' for the kids so we decided to make the most of it. On the way home from the beach, the kids hands were freezing and they asked if they could have hot chocolate when we get home. Of course, marshmellows made their way into the converation! Out of no where, Ashley says 'what if they made marshmellows with peanutbutter dots inside! The conversation took off and developed into a series of 'ooooooh and what if you put carmel with peanutbutter and a little of...NO! what if you dipped...and, how about try....ect!'

All the way home these creative minds went to work. It was so cute because by the time we got home, we came up with this great recipe and while they were taking their baths and showers (to get rid of the piles of sand we brought home with us,) I layed out all the things we needed to try our new invention. The kids were SHOCKED!! They seriously couldn't belive I would allow such a sugar filled, full of fun, crazy, sensless adventure!!

We had a blast and decided it would be very fun to share the recipe. name for them yet....


Large Pretzel Sticks
Large Marshmellows
2 Recess Pieces bars (chopped)
8 Crushed Ritz Crackers
3 TBLS Peanutbutter
Smuckers Carmel Ice Cream Topping

1) Stab your pretzel stick into a marshmellow so it's on really well.
2) Arrange all your 'toppings' for dipping into paper plates and small bowls.
3) Dip your marsmellow TOP into the carmel and then dip it into the Ritz crumbs.
4) Using a knife, spread peanut butter all around the outside of the marshmellow.
5) Roll the peanutbutter sides into the Recess Crumbs
6) Put in the fridge for an hour to set ....or just eat 'em all up because they're sooooooo yummy! ;)

Wait until you see these faces!!!!

Warning*******Could cause extreme sugar high! Hey...that's why we are only going to do it once a year!

We actually had so much fun (well, and it was so delish) that we decided to officially declare that October 10th would always be Treat Invention Day for the Overby family. (They seriously cannot wait until next Oct. 10th and are already counting down the days!!! Who needs Disneyland? LOL!)


And...because I have a hard time bloggin' without sharing any recent scrappy stuff I've done, here is my latest page. I created it with my Scenic Route, Sonoma goodies for my GDT assignment at Create My Keepsake.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it's somethin' fun!


Just Jess said...

heehee what a yummy invention. I love the idea of a treat invention day. :)
Great lo too- i love your stuff.

melita said...

sounds fantastic! i know my kids would love this too! and wonderful LO!

Jennifer N. said...

How fun! It's great when kids get to see their parents doing something out-of-character, but fun! I surprised the kids once with "ice cream for dinner". They were shocked, but to this day we still remember all the fun we had with it. BTW....great beach pic!

LoRi said...

Yummy! I love new treat ideas! Love the layout too. I am off to find out more about this "Frankie" thing you told me about!

Amy W. said...

wowzers, your post is full of yummy stuff! ;)

love your blog too!

Leigh said...

So fun!!
And that layout is gorgeous!!

Audrey Pettit said...

How fun, Julie! I can so see why your kiddos were super excited about this snack invention. What a great treat.
And I absolutely LOVE your page! That design is fabulous!

Staci said...

Oh my goodness, you all are too cute! What a fantastic idea, I love that you named your own day! Those look yummy, too! Love that awesome SR layout julie!!

katydiddy said...

Hey there! I just got your comment about winning the rack. I can email you my address. Email me at laura @ and I'll email it back to you. I'm super excited!

Cathy said...

OMG wow such a cool idea. i love friendly family fun.


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