Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm an Auntie!!!

I should clarify and say....I'm an Auntie again! I have one niece and one nephew. Kaylee Rae was born early and I'm so excited!!! It's my brother Mitch's first baby and I can just see him beaming from ear to ear. Sadly, he is in Canada and I can't literally see him beaming quite yet but I hope to when we go up there this weekend to see his precious lil' girl! I will update with details as I get them. She was born 5 pounds 11ounces. Teeny tiny!! I can't wait to share some sweet photos!

Speaking of little girls. I created this layout called 'A Little Girls Dream is never wasted.' It's about the goals that I've had as a little girl and that I want to accomplish five years from now. It was inspired by the 'Design X' blog challenge. I think it's so important to write down our goals and dreams. Loved this one! My journaling is tucked behind. This is the worst photo of a layout ever and I plan to take a better one tomorrow in the natural day light. I tried to adjust the coloring and now it's all way off! LOL! tfl!

***updated*** It's all dark and rainy today...not much better of a photo.

And of course more photos!!! Mostly because I simply cannot believe that it is October 26th today. Honestly, I think it was the hottest day of the entire year. Here are the kids playing in the sprinkler!

Here's Ashley, our future hurdler.

And our future snowboarder!


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, sprinklers, huh? That does amaze me, I have to admit. We are definitely into fall here.
Love, love the Design X page. Gorgeous use of the Webster's pages papers.

Leigh said...

Those photos of the sprinker make me LONG for summer so badly!!
Love the layout, Julie!

Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO bring on the sprinklers!! How fun!! :) I always loved that when I was a kid! Ok guess what...still love it. Well not when I'm all dressed, hee hee.

HEY your page is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I adore it! I love where you put your journaling.

It's kinda brrrrr here today! Believe that? It's Texas, it's always hot, right? LOL!!

Have a happy day!

Shanna said...

Oh Julie! What an exciting time! I love newborns! So fresh from heavens! What fun pics today too! Enjoy your trip to Canada!

Danielle said...

Wow they are getting some AIR! I wish it was that warm here, only about 50 here and rainy, it won't be warm enough to do sprinkler again til probably May or June! Ack!! Lovely layouts, Julie and congrats!!

dannisdoodles said...

sprinklers? wow! your design x is gorgeous, love every bit of it!

maddy hill said...

Julie i like that photo ! love the layout . and the other photos are awsome ! does make you think of summer doesnt it .

Pinky said...

UMM OK Your daughter could be a freakin MODEL! She is the most gorgeous thing alive! wow!
Love those pictures! that Lo rocks! Thanks for the congrats! (:

ellen said...

sprinklers?! ack, i love my fall, i don't know if i could go back to that but it looks like fun!

congrats on being an auntie!!! that must be very exciting...beautiful lo!

Daniela said...

Crazy weather. It was nice and hot yesterday and tonight we have a freeze warning!
Beautiful layout.
I hope to see Alex playing in the sprinklers one day :)

Laurence said...

Awesome pictures ! And this page is so "romantic", love it !


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