Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Moral of the story is… ‘Use the Proper Adhesive!’



We’ve been gearing for this Woman’s event at our church.  It’s our Ladies Spring Luncheon and I’m super excited for it.  I’ve been busy making all these little goodies for the all the guests so  don’t have much to share today except this lesson that I learned. 

I was about half way through finishing these lil’ jars when I would hear this ever so quite, little ‘pop!  Yes, the paper was beginning to peel off.  Ugh!  So, I switched to a new, and much better for the pink jars.  But, an hour later…. ‘pop!  pop!’  Seriously.  The new and improved adhesive was not working either.  I kept looking at the scripture verse that I stamped out over and over and told myself…. ‘I can do this!  Give me strength Lord!’  LOL Then, I reached for my handy dandy glue dots that I simply cannot craft without and they saved the day.  Now  need to stock up again!   LOL



I thought this was a neat photo just for fun!

This is a big weekend for us.   The ladies Luncheon at the church.  The run/walk event in Newport, the loyalty days parade (Max’s first!)  And, then on Sunday a huge Birthday party for the little man who is not so little any more!  How does that happen?  We’ve never had a party for our kids with a large number of friends.  Figured we get it out of the way before the early teen years start!   

**edited**  How could I have forgotten to mention National Scrapbooking day!  And, I have exciting news and some fun things to share so I will be posting on Saturday with that. 

Until then, Happy National Scrapbooking Day!


Margie H said...

Man, Julie! You have a FULL plate...good luck with everything. Love those pictures. LOL!! xo

Kimberly Crawford said...

They turned out SO cute!!! Glad the GlueDots did the trick!!

marla said...

WOW Girl you have been busy and I am so glad that glue dots saved the day!!! My supply is running low and what crafter could live without these. I need to replenish!!


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