Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ashley graduated from Pre-K tonight. I can't even believe it. I wouldn't mind so much except that it means she'll be going to Kindertarten next year... Yikes!! That has me a bit squirmy. She's always looked so grown up. Even when she was 18 months old, she had so much hair that she never looked like a 'little baby' she looked like a cute kid. She already looks so grown up to me and she hasn't even started school yet. Where's the chubby cheeks? Well, this evening was not only a celebration but also a HUGE photo op. for me! How could I resist? The grass is green, the sun was out, my children were happy they were up way past their bed time. So, now I have about 20 more photos that I can't wait to scrap. It really was an eventful evening and I do want them to remember it!!!

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Janice said...

Gorgeous, fantastic and beautiful in every way! I have 2 albums from Jack's preschool days... and tons of his "projects & work"!!
He was tested last week and will be going to Kindergarten next year too!! He missed the cut-off day by 10 days and he is so ready!!

Love you my friend!!


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