Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parade Day

Well, parade day was extremely eventful. What a busy day. Our little town parade is so spirited and fun. It's like everyone knows everyone and it's just one big happy celebration. This year, these clowns came to join the parade from way up North. It really created a whole new atmosphere and the kids loved it. It was Ashley's first time being in a parade. She had a blast riding on their float with all the other T-ball players. Then, just before the float got to our spot (I didn't see it happen,) one of her team mates fell off and the float (trailer) ran over her. It was horrible! They took her off in an ambulance and she turned out fine... with a broken ankle. YIKES! Quite startling for those little guys! And, this was the first year that A.J. wasn't in the parade and he was in heaven collecting gobs of candy. What to do with it? I know it's going to end up in the garbage. It's just too much! I had to take a picture. It was so colorful!

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