Monday, June 4, 2007

remembering the sunshine

Today was a pretty relaxed day in our household. The Berry kids were over to play so Kelsey didn't take her nap. I think she is already asleep. What a miracle!! I worked a bit on updating my blog some more. I'm most excited to post the pictures of the beach trip from a few days ago. It's raining now. It was so hot last week. I can't even believe the kids were wanting to go splash around in the water! Of course, I had to take a million photos! Now, that it's back to cold and rainy, maybe I'll get some scrappin' done.
This one is my favorite even though it's a bad photo (so much dead space in the middle!) but she is CLEAR off the ground jumping away from the wave! I love t! I don't want to edit it because you have to see the wave to get the whole story!

1 comment:

Janice said...

Al... you are an amazing photographer!! Love them all Girl!! Great blog too!!


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