Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Homeless

I know that all you scrappers out there have a homeless stack!!! A few things happened yesterday and today that brought my attention to the 'homeless' stack sitting in my room. First off, I read on a few boards about people who just have these stacks and stacks of LO's that have never made into albums... I thought to myself...'ya, I'm guilty' and moved on with my day. Then this early this morning when I was still in a dead sleep, Kelsey screams at the top of her lungs, "MUMMY, come here! MUM, come here, hurry!' I thought for sure she had poured milk all over my previous nights project or SOMETHING like that! I JUMPED out of bed, only to find that she was sitting on the couch flipping through her album. She pats the couch and says 'Here sit. Look!' And she had to tell me about every single page. It was precious. Thirdly, I was trying to clean up my room a bit today, looking for my white pen (which I still haven't found!) and I saw THE STACK of Homeless ones. How sad that nobody is getting to enjoy them and that they are missing chipboard pieces because they are not in proper protection. Sooooo, I took the plunge tonight and got at least half of them in a 'new home.' I didn't really worry too much about the order or if I didn't have the second LO done. I just wanted them 'in' and album or a year from now, I will have boxes and boxes like some people I read about. I want to have albums and albums, not boxes and boxes!!

Here is the LO I did last night that I need my white pen for!! I wanted to journal right on the photo. Now what??? Where is that pen????


Marti said...

Love your blog Julie! Very pretty LO!

valken said...

I really like your LO!

madelineas said...

WOW Julie your homeless pile is worse than mone. Good luck going thru all that.
Love your blog, good job

Jules said...

Your blog rox! Would you come here to Paradise and fix mine so it was as cool as yours? Please...I'll buy you a foo foo drink with a paper umbrella!

Janice said...

Ok Girl.... we have to have a contest or something!! I too have a homeless stack stack and I have 7 albums that LO's were just put inot... for "safe keeping"! Not their real home..kwim? I know at least 3 other's who do as well... we need to get these into albumns!!
Love your LO too!! You so rock!!

Katie Jones said...

my homeless stack is much like yours maybe taller!

Anne said...

LOVIN' the blog Julie! And LOVIN' even more that I am not the only one with a HUGE homeless stack! At least you're starting to put them, not so much!

michele said...

oh how sweeeeet!!!

I have a very small homeless stack....for now LOL


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