Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pressing Forward

Just keep scrappin, just keep scrappin, just keep scrappin!!! LOL! One of the thing that I've learned over the scrapbooking world is that you must press forward. I have been blessed to work on different Design Teams, win different contests and be published in different magazines. But with all those blessings come a lot of closed doors. If you don't try, how will you ever know? If there are 80 fabulous designers trying out and only 5 spots, obviously there will be people turned down. It just means that it wasn't your fit for that time. It was sad for me to read about some who were so disappointed for not making the DT. Especially those who have such outstanding talent. So, when I have a door closed, I remind myself (or a friend reminds me! LOL!) that it was the right 'fit' at the right 'time' and something else is waiting for me around the corner. I'm amazed at how many corners I've turned and there was another thing waiting. God is so good like that. He plants the desire of our heart and He can keep the dream alive as long as we let him. I went to sleep on Monday, know that I didn't make the DT. Then I woke up Tuesday morning, the first thing that was in my 'inbox' was an AMAZING opportunity. The best that has ever been layed before. Fiskars is adding a fifth lead and are opening up all current spots for applications!!! I have found my self in dream land all day thinking of the possiblities!! I am going to be putting my 'all' into this application and praying for God's will to come out of it. I pull myself down from dream land and remind myself that there could be over 1000 other people trying out for this position. That's what I love about knowing a personal God. I can put it in His lap and trust Him with it. I'd be lying though, if I told you I wasn't giddy with excitement and I'll be dreaming about it until the final announcement which is months away!! In the mean time, I put a few quick pages together of some super fun photos that have been laying around for WAY to long! LOL! ( I realize that these layouts are not the current season, but... who scraps in order now anyway????) By the end of this week... I resolve to have the banner changed and a new song on this blog. TIME FOR CHANGE!!! I'm almost embarrassed that it's been the same for so long! LOL!


Kate O'Brien said...

Love the layouts!
And I agree, rejection is a part of this biz. I've had more than my fair share!

Keep at it girlie! You have talent!

Janice said...

Al.. I just love your heart! God is so good and you are so on the money! Thanks for the perfectly worded reminder... I hope those who feel badly about "not making it" will be uplifted and encouraged my your words! I know more GREAT things are in store for you... Amen! ;)
Love you my friend!

Bert's Space said...

Hi, I am new to blogger and in the process of developing my own, haven't put any of my pages on yet. I still have to figure out how to do that. I like your blog and set-up and wondering how you can put your picture to fit in your title. My picture doesn't fit in the whole space. Also, where can I get a music video as a footer? Thank you for sharing, Roberta

Bert's Space said...

Hi, thank you for responding. I will probably change my template several time until I am happy with it. I am not quite sure how I found you. I was following some blogs starting with Ali Edwards and kept adding to my favourites. Very Nice style of scrapbooking, love your layouts.

Jenifer said...

Well put Julie and this is exactly what I needed to hear. I will try again for the Craftwarhouse team and maybe again next year and again next year. I just keep getting better and better. Best of luck with the Fiskateer thing you would be perfect for it. I will not be trying out. I had a hard enought time going to Texas I cant even imagine the turmoil about traveling 4-6 times a year would put on my family. I cant wait to see what this next year for fiskars has in store.
Keep up the great work.
Jenifer Cowles


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