Sunday, January 20, 2008

We had CHURCH!

Ya! We didn't just have church today, we had CHEEEURCH!! I'm talking about the jumpin, hoppin, scream, feelin the spirit of the Lord cheeeurch!!! It was soooo fun. I have so many things to blog about but today it's just going to be this because I couldn't wait to get home and write about it.
This morning A.J. wasn't feeling that well so I told him that after I played for the praise and worship portion, we could go home. Poor kid... didn't look so lively during the beginning part of our service and I was quite anxious to get him home (he's sleeping on the couch right now as I type and it's late afternoon so he must be fighting somethin!)
Anyway, at the end of worship time, an elderly lady was going to be baptized. My wonderful hubby and Pastor who was baptizing her explained what that it was simply a statement of her faith and that she wanted to the world to know that she loved Jesus, accepted Him as her savior and is going to live her life for him. He then went on to say that if there was anyone else who felt like this was something they were ready to do, they should let him know. Following that, we had a short 'meet and greet' time where the worship band played and everyone grabbed their coffee and said their hellos. At this time about 3 young men came up to Arte and asked him if it would be alright if they could be baptized today as well. We sent a lady home on a towl run and we began another baptizing session. WOW!!! The worship band started playing again and everyone was singing while Arte spoke to each person about what they were doing and why. Everytime someone came up from the water, everyone was CHEERING and clapping and praising God so loud. It turned out that about 8 more people total got baptized and they were ALL young adults in their late teens or early twenties. You could feel God moving in such a powerful way, everyone was singing out at the top of their lungs and I just couldn't keep back the tears. It was so exciting to see this group of about 25 young adults cheer each other on in their hearts.
I glanced over at A.J.'s (8 yrs.) face and I could see it just glowing. All the other kids were already gone to Sunday School but because he was going to come home early with me, he was in the service. Now, I'm saying I was glad that he is feeling sick but can I tell you that I love how God brings great things out of bad situations!! I was THRILLED that he got to witness all these young people be on fire about loving Jesus and proclaiming it to the world. The spirit was on FIRE in that place and I don't think anybody could have walked out of that building denying that fact. This is a moment in time that he will remember his whole life. As a glanced over at him he was just grinning. You couldn't help but grin. Ahhh... sweet spirit of Jesus. As we walked out to the car, I apologized for being a little 'longer' than planned and asked him how he was feeling and he answered... 'a little better, Mum.'


Carla said...

AWESOME stuff, Julie!!

Kate O'Brien said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday Julie!

melita said...

So cool Julie! I love it when the Spirit of the Lord catches us on fire!!

erin said...

how sweet of a post julie!
i know exactly what you mean, He works in amazing ways!

Becky Heisler said...

Sounds like an amazing morning at cheeeurch !!! Funny I totally get what you mean by that! Members in our church always joke that the Spirit camps out at our church because everyone is so on fire for Christ there!
Hope your baby boy feels better!!

Lacintha said...

Love this post uplifting!
Hope your little man feels better soon...thanks for visiting my blog :)


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