Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday we woke up to white!! It was so fun and perfect timing because the kids didn't have school. It was a records day. Last year, we had a light covering of snow that stuck around or about 30 min. and was definitely not enough to play in. This year, Kelsey is 3 years old and we really wanted to take the kids to the snow because she still had never actually 'played' in the snow. It was so fun to wake up and actually see the snow 'fall.' Then after a bit, we drove up river. It was the most beautiful drive! It felt like were in Canada. As we got further up river, there was actually snow covering the trees and the sun coming up over the mountain, shining through them was just stunning. We drove up far enough until we found a good open spot that had deep enough snow to actually play in. We made a snow man, had a snowball fight, froze our fingers off, warmed up with some hot chocolate and then started it all over again. It was the most fun EVAH! I tried so hard to put the camera away for some of it but I also of course, had to take a ton of pictures. I wanted the family to see them all so I put them in a slide show format. Wish I had a fun crafty project to share but I've been to busy playing! LOL!


Kate O'Brien said...

Great photos Julie! Thanks for sharing. The snow looks so pretty.

Janice said...

oh my goodness.. this is amazing!! Love the photo slide show! You've gotta teach me how to do that!!


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