Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yes....I"ve been quiet.

On Sunday, my computer powered down and would not power back on. I'm feeling so disconnected!!! Anyway, I haven't been able to update or get on line because of that until this weekend when I finally got my computer back. It seemed to take them forever to figure out what the problem was. But, we got it all fixed up and I'm back. Yay!!! Sorry you have waited so long for an update. For all those who visit regularly, if you choose to become a 'blog follower' or add yourself to the update list, then you will be notified when there is an update. So, crazy weeks like this one, you don't have to keep checking back!! Hopefully, my 'puter is just like new now and this won't happen again!!

It seems like I've been creating a lot of cards lately and no layouts. The truth is, I was hired to created 25 layouts and that's what I've been working on. Now I'm done....wahoo!!!!
I really do enjoy making cards though. It can be such a quick, rewarding outlet and then you have something to bless someone with!! Here is one I created this week and now that I see it on the screen, I think I might add more to it.

My girls have been busy crafting up a storm with my favorite new punch. Here is their first altered project. Pen holders!!!

I love the rawness of their creations. The pure joy that they expressed from creating their own altered item was priceless. Can you tell we are all having a lot of fun with this new border punch? They've actually since then created Disneyland 'savings' penny banks with Pringle cans to match these. I helped them a bit with those but they just had a blast!!
I just have so much to share from an entire week. I'll try to not make this the longest post in the world. I do have to share this with you though....
I was totally spoiled on Valentine's Day. Thank you honey!!! A.J. and Ashley were so cute too! They both made me a treasure hunt on Valentine's Day. I've done that for them on their birthdays but this is the first time they have made one for me. It was precious!

My sweet friend Christine has some exciting news. I've watched as she put the finishing touches on this amazing retreat house. You have to check it out and if you are looking for a place this spring, there is a great offer for the Grand opening. Click here to take a look!!
I have lots of photos to share from our Fiskateer and Cards for Hereos party so check back tomorrow!!
And now for the winner of the Random Generator

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Congrats Juliana!! Send me your addy and I'll get this out to you this week.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a fabulous Monday!


Tona said...

Wow! You have been busy. So many layouts and a beautiful card to boot. I can't wait to get my hands on that border well as the rest of the new Fiskars border punches LOL. Hopefully they'll be in my stores soon.

pattyb said...

Wow what a stack. You have been keeping yourself busy. I love the card too. It's beautiful.

erin said...

beautiful card!
i used to have people pay me to do their albums for them. it was fun for the first year, then i just missed my scraptime. good luck!

Pepper said...

You may have been quite but OH MY what an accomplishment!!! Beautiful card...and I am anxious to locate that punch around here...heck, all those new ones are pretty hot! ;)

Wendy Kwok said...

cute projects with kids. Makes me want to buy the punches!

Danielle said...

WOW! Look at all of those layouts!!! you have been busy! beautiful card too!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and prayers! They mean a lot! :)

melita said...

wow! 25 LOs! that's a lot! hope that they are for you to keep! =)cute card and the girls did a great job with their pencil holders!

Audrey Pettit said...

So sorry about your computer, Julie! Isn't that just the MOST frustrating thing ever? Makes me realize how dependent I am on my computer, when something like that happens.
I think that's so cool that you were hired to create some pages. That photo of the whole stack looks so amazing. Would make a GREAT 365 photo!
Your card is adorable. I love the colors, and that new punch is really cute. I saw a bunch of the new Fiskars punches the other day and really was drooling, although I contained myself. And what cute projects your kiddos made!

Juliana said...

OK!!! WOW!!! Hit me upside the head!!!
It took me a long while to get your comment!!!!
Thanks so much Julie!!!


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