Saturday, February 7, 2009

A wee bit more of CHA....and some more cards!!

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I'm still feeling pretty under the weather. Thus....all the cards. I can enjoy releasing some creativeness in the quick satisfaction of putting a card together with much less effort than doing a layout. Just not enough energy yet for that. And who wouldn't want to win this nice lil' pack of ribbon?? Yes, they are still celebrating over at PTInk and I'm still playing along. I don't have a lot of stamps and inks yet but I did stamp the letters. The challenge was to print out a dot to dot which was a sketch. Here is the card that I created.

I thought I'd also try out sketch 101 at Card Position System. These are the two I created using this sketch.

I don't always follow sketches to a 'T' but the idea of a sketch is to inspire you. So, here are the two I came up with using this sketch:

I wanted to share just a few more photos from CHA as well (saved the best for last!!) The Lead Fiskateers had 'Mocktail party' for those of us who were in Anaheim. Cheryl, Ang and Rebecca all had Disco theme and Wendy Jo had a 'sweets' theme. Each room had a fun make'n take and of course snacks, goodies and lots of friends! The leads really got 'into' it as you can see. They know how to make sure we are having a great time!!

Here's a shot of me and Ang. Then a group shot of the Fiskateers hangin' out and buliding make'n takes.

Here is Rebecca and Carmen 'gettin' into the groove.' Yes, Rebecca really dressed the part. The swirls on the sides of her cheek topped it off!!

And there's Steph, getting a sparkly pair of scissors painted on her face in the 'Diva Lounge!'

And Wendy Jo who hooked all us Chocolate lovers up with some Cheesecake from Cheesecake factory. YUM!!!

Did you figure out who this was in my earlier post?? Ha! It's our infamous, Cheryl herself!! You go girl!!

We did get a nice shot together without the 'wig!' I had the priviledge of spending a lot more time together than expected at CHA. What a gift from God!

Here are some more shots from the CHA floor....and some amazing creations from the Design Team that were on display.

And lastly (but not at least!!!) here are some photos of my Cherry girls from A Cherry On Top who got to hang out with the first few days. What a blast we had!!

Dan who??????????????????????? Newman?? Never heard of him!! LOL!! Poor, poor Kristin!!!!

The highlight of my trip was definitely getting to spend time with all my friends new and old alike. Can't wait 'til next year!!


dianagirly said...

Great pics!! You are such a cutie!
That little house craft- I gotta get one of those! How adorable!

Audrey Pettit said...

Your cards are beautiful, Julie! And you are so right about sketches. They are just there to inspire, and it definitely looks like you were.
Love all your CHA pics. Looks like there was a really big group of you all and that you had a ton of fun.

Juliana said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time Julie!!!Love your cards too!!!

weze said...

Pictures were awesome Julie and it looks like a swell time was had by all! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Jennie said...

I just love your cards...pu me off making them cos there just that good!!! loved all your CHA pics looks like you guys hadf a fab time

Laura Fiore said...

HA! That photo of you and Dan is AWESOME! Hope you have a great day and are feeling better cutie!

erin said...

what fun and funny pictures!

Patti Smith said...

The cards are beautiful and girl the pics are wonderful. So wish I could have been with you all. Wow and Cheryl and Rebecca were just too cute..thanks for sharing....(((HUGS)))))

Jenny B in Indy said...

Love your cards, Julie!

Tona said...

Loved your cards. Thanks for sharing the pictures from CHA. It looked like everybody was having a great time.

valken said...

Wow alot to get caught up on. I really love your second card especially. You had way to much fun! I am jealous.

Marcee said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Your creations are stunning. I hope you feel better very soon.

Janice said...

Hi Friend... I haven't been able to get on your blogin ages.... ggrr....
I can't believe you went to CHA without ME!!! ;)
I am so happy you had a good time!! Miss YOU so much!!


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