Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some things to smile about...

Thankful Top 10 Today

1) Stayin' home with Kelsey - she is constantly putting a smile on my face.

2) My hubby - Wow, has he ever stepped up to the plate for me in these past few weeks!

3) Starbucks - nuf said.

4) Sunshine - even here on the coast...I've seen so much of it.....ahhh......

5) Friends - I have a few close friends who I'm really missing right now. Seems like it's been forever...

6) Canon cameras - wait until you see the shots. LOL!

7) The grace God gives - His unconditional love continues to amaze me.

8) Antibiotics - Yup....it's bronchitis.

9) Road Trips - the always seem to bring me closer to family and friends.

10) Warm bubble baths - just sayin' :)

I think I read a top 10 Thankful list on Elizabeth's blog and I really enjoyed reading it. So, I thought I'd do the same. Remembering the things you are thankful can really change the outlook on your day!

I was uploading some photos from CHA when I suddenly discovered all these shots that I clearly did not take. So, I have my Rebel, (hands of kiddos!) and my Canon Point and Shoot (have at it!) Well, Kelsey 'had at it' recently. These are the pieces of art she came up with. Just some tidbits around the home...ya know, so you can get to know us better. LOL!

The funniest thing is that as I was creating this post, I kept saying...look Kelsey, I'm putting your photos on my blog! Then she went around with my camera taking more photos and saying, 'Mommy, I'm putting this on your buwog!! Love that girl to pieces!

And, when she's not making up for my lack of photography around here lately, she's been making up for my lack of art creations. Seriously, we wouldn't want a dining room table without paper all over it now, would we? Check out these beauties (**warning** this is some serious eye candy!)

I'm thinking her specialty is going to be in the catagory of 'altered arts!' LOL!

Okay, on to a much more serious note....some CHA photos....LOL!

Yes, that is Dark Vader at the World Wide Craft and Hobbie Association Expo. And yes, he is trying to cut my head off. I visit Reno, and the cowboys try to hang me, in Anaheim, the try to chop my head off....not sure I'm very wanted in the crafting world!

At least I know my good friend, and lead Fiskateer, Cheryl will always accept me just the way I am.....and vice versa...ehem....even on the bad hair days!! This is at their Disco party (more on that later!)

And finally, a photo of Jess and me. Memory Makers has just put out a book called 'Outstanding Mini Albums.' Jessic Acs is the author and I'm one of the contributing artists. The publishers were going to make some available to be given out at CHA but at the last minute it didn't work out. I was so sad!! I will be getting my copy in the mail any day now. Can't wait!

I have many more CHA photos to share. Lots of yummy 'real' eye candy from in the booths. I'm saving that for a later post. There's still time to get in on the Fiskars give away I'm doing. Just comment on the previous post.

Happy Tuesday!!


Meg said...

Sorry to hear you have bronchitis, but at least you have some drugs now :)

Nicole said...

Awww, looks like a scrapbook/photographer in the making! ;)

Anabelle said...

Awesome list! Love your little one's photos. My guy was running around taking pics. today, too. So fun to see things from their perspective. Can't wait to see your mini-album book. I so need help in that area!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Love all the photos, Julie! Looks like some crazy goings on at CHA. Can't wait to see what else you post.
And love all the art of photos your daughter did. I do feel like I know you quite a bit better now. ;)

ellen s. said...

oh i love her perspective! that is too cute...i bet the mini album book is awesome! can't wait to see it.

Chrys said...

really like that little cupcake picture! A true artist in the making! :)

Genevieve said...

LOL! There I am in your "Fiskateers making a make-n-take" photo. I'm the one in the jean jacket.


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